Final comment: Shanghai stock index down 0.79%

The three major indexes of a shares opened in a collective today, and the size index differentiated after the opening, and the Shanghai stock index fell in shock. The performance of science and technology innovation board and gem was strong, and the market once rose nearly 2%; Nearly 3000 shares in the two markets fell, and the market continued to market structural market. Plate trend differentiation, military, semiconductor, lithium battery and other strong pull, coal, Baijiu, finance, medicine and other sectors weakened. In the afternoon, the digital currency, network security and other sectors strengthened, lithium power stocks continued to rise, and the refined measurement of electronics, Keheng, Sinochem and shares rose and stopped successively. Shanghai index afternoon shocks lower, gem growth rate narrowed simultaneously, lithium battery shares continued to rise, Shanshan shares and other nearly 10 have been trading, digital money has been warmed by news stimulus, network security concept change, Baijiu stocks weakened, Wuliangye fell more than 5%. Overall, the market is still structural market, two markets fell more and less, the effect of money is poor. On the disk, semiconductor, military, lithium batteries and other sectors are among the top gainers, and coal, Baijiu and medical beauty plates are leading the way.

As of the closing, the Shanghai index fell 0.79 percent to 3525.50, while the Shenzhen composite index fell 0.38 percent to 14882.90, while the gem index rose 0.69 percent to 3432.96. The turnover of the two markets has exceeded trillion for six consecutive trading days.

In terms of gold absorption, the north-end funds sold 1.701 billion yuan in a day, of which Shanghai Stock connect sold 1.634 billion yuan.

Message side:

1. Fan Yifei, vice president of the central bank: monopoly is not only in the ant group

Fan Yifei, vice governor of the people’s Bank of China: some time ago, including the anti-monopoly situation of ant group, we had some interviews and also disclosed relevant information. In fact, monopoly does not only exist in ant group, but also in other organizations. The measures taken by ant group will also be applied to other payment service market players.

2. Ministry of ecological environment: to gradually expand the carbon market coverage industry scope and orderly include it into high emission industries such as cement and nonferrous color

Today, at the 2021 China Ecological Environment Industry Summit Forum hosted by Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Li Gao, director of the Department of ecological environment response to climate change, said in a speech that China’s carbon peak must be high-quality and prevent carbon reaching peak from becoming “climbing peak”. It is understood that, in the next step, the Ministry of ecological environment will gradually expand the carbon market coverage industry, and orderly integrate it into high emission industries such as cement, nonferrous, steel, petrochemical and chemical industry.

3. The national carbon market will launch online trading in the near future

According to the Ministry of ecological environment, the national carbon emission trading market has completed all the preparations for starting the trading, and will launch the online trading at the right time in July.