Why can A shares open lower and rise higher today? Who is pulling the offer? The retaliatory oversold rebound is coming

Affected by the fall in European and American stock markets overnight, today’s three major A-share indexes collectively opened lower, but after the opening, the three major indices opened lower and fluctuated higher. This was mainly due to the rise of financial stocks and cyclical stocks; financial stocks subsequently surged and fell. In the stock relay, the weight sector has made every effort to stabilize the market today, and the index is not allowed to fall.

In particular, the ChiNext index was driven by the new energy vehicles and pharmaceutical sectors. The unilateral rise of ChiNext basically repaired yesterday’s decline, and truly ushered in an oversold rebound in the market. However, the Shanghai and Shenzhen main boards are relatively weak, but driven by the expansion of military industry and pharmaceutical growth, the Shanghai main board has also risen. The overall three major indexes have risen across the board, and individual stocks have also divided up and down.

The three major indexes closed at noon today. The Shanghai Composite Index rose by 0.44%, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange rose by 1.56%, and the ChiNext Index rose by 3.25%. Individual stocks rose mixed, with 2054 rising stocks and 2096 falling stocks. In terms of individual stocks, military industry stocks retaliated and rebounded. In addition, electrical equipment, healthcare, and non-ferrous metals have experienced larger gains. The other major industry sectors have mixed ups and downs, and individual stocks have also appeared. The general price rises and falls. The overall market reflects the fact that a stock index does not rise, and the money-making effect is average, and the market is not profitable if it earns the index.

Why can A shares open lower and rise higher today? Who is pulling the offer? Is the retaliatory oversold rebound coming?
As for why the three major A-share indexes can open low and move high across the board today, who is pulling up the market? According to the strength of today’s major sectors and individual stocks, it is mainly due to the following forces supporting and pulling up the disk.

First: Because Baotuan stocks are pulling up the index, Baotuan stocks ushered in an overall oversold rebound trend today. After all, the recent decline of Baotuan stocks has not been small. With the stability of today’s A shares, Baotuan stocks have become the strongest bulls to lift the market today. .

Among them, liquor stocks have the strongest gains, followed by pharmaceutical stocks and military industries, which ushered in oversold rebounds. These two major sectors have fallen sharply recently, and today they fully counterattack; of course, new energy vehicles have also risen, and these stocks can rise together. Support the three major indexes to open low and go high.

Second: Because today’s cyclical stocks and financial stocks took turns to pull up the market, the opening was pulled up by the financial sector. Among them, insurance and banking stocks were relatively strong, and securities stocks were slightly weaker, but in the end financial stocks rose and fell. Can continue.

Then the cyclical sector emerged. Among them, steel, nonferrous metals, chemicals and fertilizers, etc., these individual stocks relayed financial stocks to pull up the market, and cooperate with Baotuan stocks to do more A shares, which is the second force of A shares to pull the market.

Why can A shares open lower and rise higher today? Who is pulling the offer? Is the retaliatory oversold rebound coming?
Third: Because of the cooperation of the stock market environment, a firm foundation was laid for today’s A-shares to open low and go high. For example, yesterday, the A-shares bottomed out and rebounded. Obviously, there were bottom-hunting funds. It is precisely because yesterday that the A shares were shocked, and the decline was repaired after filling the vacancy, creating a favorable environment for today’s A-share rebound.

For example, yesterday’s pessimism has been eliminated, the market environment has recovered, and the selling pressure has not been so high. On the contrary, the bottom-hunting funds dared to enter the market, so there will be a small selling pressure. As long as the bottom-hunting funds come in, the disk will rise. After all, after the risk release of the previous trading days, many floating chips have been out, and the market will be much more stable.

Based on the analysis of the above three aspects, the real reason for today’s A-shares to open low and high is due to favorable factors such as group stocks and cyclical stocks, as well as the market environment. The real draw is military industry, medicine, non-ferrous metals and other forces. Support today’s A shares rose across the board.

Is the A-share retaliatory oversold rebound coming?
According to today’s A-share market, the three major indexes opened low and moved higher under the rise of major weighted sectors. In particular, the ChiNext index completely repaired yesterday’s decline and came out of a reversal trend, indeed ushering in an oversold rebound. However, the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is relatively weak and it is difficult to usher in an oversold rebound.

Why did A shares usher in a retaliatory oversold rebound today? In fact, this rise was entirely due to the previous decline, mainly due to the support of the following two aspects, which made A shares usher in a retaliatory oversold rebound today.

Why can A shares open lower and rise higher today? Who is pulling the offer? Is the retaliatory oversold rebound coming?
One: A shares continued to adjust downwards last week and bottomed out again yesterday to fill the gap below. At the same time, it also tested the support of the 60-day moving average, and the other was the release of on-court selling chips, etc., for today The oversold rebound of A shares created very favorable conditions.

The stock market is up and down according to the wash order. Since there has been a sharp drop in the past few days, the market has fallen completely, and it is a normal trend to usher in a retaliatory rebound when the market does not move. Similar to today, after the A shares were suppressed by the shorts, the bulls counterattacked and turned into a bullish trend, ushering in a retaliatory rebound.

Second: In fact, today’s A-share market has ushered in a retaliatory rebound. It can only be said that the time and place are favorable and the trend is different. For example, the stock market environment has improved significantly, and the entry of bottom-hunting funds, the most important thing is that the major weighting sectors have risen. It is favorable for the A-share market to start a retaliatory rebound today.

The most typical example is the collective rise of heavyweight stocks, the rise of military industry, the rise of pharmaceuticals, the rise of liquor, the rise of salads, and even the stability of financial stocks, which means that today’s A-shares are mainly pulled up, and there is no market hit. Strength, relying solely on the decline of some scattered oil stocks, is not a strong drag on today’s A shares.

Why can A shares open lower and rise higher today? Who is pulling the offer? Is the retaliatory oversold rebound coming?
From the above two points, it is true that today A shares are indeed a retaliatory rebound. Of course, it is only an index rebound. Although the three major indexes collectively rose, individual stocks did not experience a retaliatory rebound. Individual stocks generally rose and fell, and individual stocks rose year-on-year. The index is relatively weak, and it is obvious that today is just a light pull index.

In the face of today’s A-share market pulling index and not pulling individual stocks, I still remain cautious in operation. Stocks that do not rise in the index are empty rises. Faced with such a market, it is wise to see more and less moves. Do not blindly buy the bottom, or wait for the index to fall. Blind replenishment will be set in, so keep the existing position waiting for safety, do not blindly replenish or increase the position, continue to wait and see.