The press conference originally scheduled for July 7 was closed all over the world

Sony announced on youtube, a video platform, that the launch, originally scheduled for July 7, would be suspended around the world and would be held again. On June 30, Sony China announced that it would launch its new product at 10 p.m. Beijing time on July 7, which caused controversy because of the same time as the July 7 Incident. On July 1, Sony China apologized.

Sorry! Sony China said in a news release that it apologized and cancelled the relevant event arrangements

Sony, a Japanese technology company, announced through @ Sony China that it would launch its new product at 22:30 on July 7. Many netizens pointed out that the time was the same as that of the July 7 Incident, which caused strong dissatisfaction among netizens. Today (July 1), @ Sony China announced that it was sorry and cancelled the relevant activities.

The full text is as follows

Our company attaches great importance to the concern of netizens!

Our company originally planned to launch new products at the domestic professional exhibition from July 7 to 10 this month, and broadcast the new product introduction video online on the first day of the exhibition.

Due to our poor work arrangement, the choice of the date has caused misunderstanding and trouble to everyone.

We are very sorry for this, and cancel the relevant activities as soon as possible!

Thank you for your support!