After bitcoin China, Xu Mingxing’s exchange applied for cancellation

After bitcoin China, Xu Mingxing's exchange applied for cancellation

After bitcoin China announced its full exit from bitcoin related trading business recently, Xu star’s exchange applied for cancellation.
Source: one picture network
On June 28, the reporter of Beijing business daily noted that Beijing lekuda Network Technology Co., Ltd. (okcoin, hereinafter referred to as “lekuda company”) recently added the cancellation record information. Due to the resolution of dissolution, it is proposed to apply to the company registration authority (Haidian District, Beijing) for cancellation of registration. The creditor shall report his / her creditor Xu Xing to the liquidation group within 45 days from the announcement.
According to the industrial and commercial information, the legal representative of lekuda company is xuxing, with a registered capital of 11.5 million yuan. Its business scope includes enterprise management consulting, investment management, Internet information service, etc., and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Oukai Lianchuang Network Technology Co., Ltd. According to Tianyan, okcoin is a bitcoin trading platform, which has professional K-line market display, international matching algorithm, Planning Commission, price limit / market price trading and other services.
In response to the cancellation, Beijing Business Daily reporter asked okex for confirmation, the latter responded that the move was a normal subject adjustment, and lekuda company was not the main company of okcoin, but a subsidiary of the European Science cloud chain.
For specific reasons, Beijing Business Daily reporters further asked for confirmation from the European coyun chain, but also denied by the other party. Relevant staff of the oucoyun chain said that the two companies, okoyun chain and lekuda, have no equity relationship, and it is understood that the measure is only a normal adjustment of business entities.
Although the two sides hold a separate word, the reporter of Beijing business daily noted that as early as october2020, okex staff had made a statement to reporters that “okcoin belongs to the European science and cloud chain group, and is a licensed exchange for overseas compliance”;
As for the connection with okex, the ruling of Hangzhou intermediate people’s Court of Zhejiang Province in may2020 shows that the okex trading platform is made up of A website that has been registered abroad from the development of the website, and The ICP filing registration subject of the website is lekoda company, indicating that lekoda company is related to okex trading platform.
Jiangzhaosheng, director of block chain research and researcher of digital assets research institute, believes that “lekuda company was an operation company of okcoin before September 2017, but transferred to overseas entities after the overall liquidation in September 2017. Although lekoda previously held okcoin related trademarks, it should have no direct relationship with the main business of okcoin exchange. “.
In jiangzhaosheng’s view, the dissolution of the cancellation is okcoin in the face of a new round of domestic regulatory pressure, efforts to clear domestic virtual currency related entities. On the one hand, it is to meet the trend of domestic supervision, transfer the related business of virtual currency transaction overseas, and on the other hand, it is also for the smooth development of business of relevant entities in domestic blockchain technology service.
The relationship between the three is still in disorder.
In the industry’s view, from the event of okcoin application for cancellation and the announcement of full exit from bitcoin related transaction business by bitcoin China on another exchange, the space for the currency circle exchange to conduct business in China has been further narrowed under the situation of strict supervision.
On June 24, bitcoin China officially released a news saying that “the shares of, a Singapore trading platform invested by btcchina in january2019, have been fully acquired by a Dubai encryption fund in may2020. Bitcoin China actively responded to national policy and closed trading platform business as early as september2017. This sale of the target shares means bitcoin China fully exits bitcoin related business in response to national policy.
Suxiaorui, a financial technology expert, said that the company was cancelled by lekuda company, an exchange under Xu Xing, or was intended to cut domestic institutional entities to mitigate regulatory risks. The main body of previous user lawsuits was lekuda company. After applying for cancellation, it means that if there is a dispute between the virtual currency investment user and the institution, it will be difficult to safeguard their own rights and interests in China, And this also shows that the risk of subsequent currency speculation is further increased.
In the follow-up forecast, most people in the industry believe that the follow-up supervision will continue to add code for upstream mining business and the most core trading business.
“Since the operation entities of the 2017 rectification exchange have been established overseas, and their businesses are not open to Chinese mainland users, the current regulators have not yet fully implemented the currency exchange. However, under the new round of strong supervision, the first step will be to cut off the channels for domestic investors to participate in the exchange of virtual currency transactions from the perspective of bank entry and OTC transactions. Thus, the paper completes the renovation of the virtual currency transaction.
Whether the exchange is directly comprehensively renovated in the future may depend on the implementation of the current measures. ” Jiang said. Undoubtedly, the current regulatory approach has greatly influenced the trading volume of the exchange. Many exchanges have no longer provided relevant services to domestic investors, and some exchange apps can no longer be opened.
Suxiaorui believes that under the situation of strict supervision, the space for the currency circle exchange to conduct business in China is narrowed further. Meanwhile, banks and Payment institutions have issued a voice on comprehensive investigation and strike governance of virtual currency transactions, which means that the link of funds for currency firing is constantly limited; In the future, we should continue to improve the level of science and technology and monitoring model, and strengthen the recognition and risk control of virtual currency transactions.
Su Xiaorui expects that the subsequent currency circle will gradually transfer to underground or overseas areas, and the virtual currency hype will not bring practical value to the real economy service. It is suggested that the institution should shift its focus to the research and development and application of blockchain technology, which can reduce the regulatory risk and meet the future development direction of financial technology.
Reporter: Yiyue Pinyu, liusihong