Microsoft Win11 “Let’s take the courage”

Late at night on June 24, Beijing time, Microsoft released a new version of its operating system Windows 11. This is the company’s first major operating system upgrade since 2015.

With a brand-new interface, a more open application store, and support for free upgrades, Windows 11 is a series of actions that directly point to the closed-loop ecosystem that Apple relies on.

Microsoft Win11
What are the details and significance of the Windows 11 upgrade? Will it challenge the business models of Apple and Google’s App Store? Tencent Technology invited technology expert Eva, PCHOME editor-in-chief Pan Weizhe, and radio and television 3C program producer/commentor Huang Hao to participate in the online salon to chat about the biggest highlights and pain points of the new Win11.

In response to the open move to support Android applications, PCHOME editor-in-chief Pan Weizhe believes that this approach can be described as a bit of courage and can use Android’s “potential” to promote the overall development of Microsoft’s tablet touch system.

What is the meaning of Microsoft Win11? Radio and TV 3C program producer/commenter Huang Hao said: This update can be described as “checking the time and measuring the situation”. If Microsoft was trying to lead in the past, the current changes and compromises are closer to the needs of users, which can be said to be a very pragmatic approach.

The online salon host and technology expert Eva also mentioned the service after the system update: “The Windows 11 update will indeed bring learning costs, especially for senior and old users. For example, Apple has opened a user practice course Today at Apple, Microsoft can also learn this format.”

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PCHOME Editor-in-Chief Pan Weizhe: Support for Android applications, Microsoft “should take the courage”

There are several major changes in this update.

1. The visual update is obvious

Put the menu in the middle and learn the experience of Apple and Android. Removing the tile function, turning it into a hanging screen form, etc., seems to be minor changes, which can be classified as icon beautification. These series of mobile touch optimizations have inspired the terminal to a certain extent, and let us see the possibility of windows 11. If the reputation is good, it may trigger a wave of replacements in the short term.

2. The Microsoft Store is still weak

I have never heard of a developer earning money in the Microsoft Store. With this update, software developers can use their own in-app payment system without paying a commission to Microsoft. In my opinion, the Microsoft Store has three difficulties to overcome. There are no new applications in the Microsoft Store; good applications have their own download channels; the coverage rate of Google payment is also very low, and the ecology is not doing well.

3. Support Android application, “Let’s try the courage”

Although Microsoft can use Android apps, it doesn’t seem to be new. Because in the past, civil organizations would write programs to achieve it. But from another point of view, Microsoft’s introduction of Android is somewhat “smart”. Because Microsoft has made many attempts on the tablet before, but they were not very successful. This upgrade has the opportunity to leverage on the overall development of Microsoft’s tablet touch. This approach can be described as “fearing the courage”, because sooner or later Microsoft will still make its own tablet operating system.

4. Be “awake”

Summarizing this update, I still have to say a few harsh words, Microsoft wants to have a snack, don’t fool everyone with UI. Now everyone has to use it. If there is a choice in the future, the first one to be eliminated may be today’s king.

Radio and TV 3C program producer/commentor Huang Hao: Microsoft wants to understand the direction

Microsoft’s update this time can be described as “reviewing the situation”. If Microsoft was leading in the past, now it is changing and compromising. It can be said to be a very pragmatic approach.

1. Microsoft figured it out

The new system of Microsoft Windows11 is not leading the industry forward, but making adjustments after observing changes in business scenarios. Microsoft’s understanding of touch is no longer at the operational level, but more on the overall system, which shows that Microsoft has figured out the direction.

Today is the era of ordinary users, how to change with time, this matter Microsoft wants to understand. The seemingly lackluster Windows 11 is actually closer to the needs of users.

In this upgrade, both branded and compatible computers support the upgrade, as long as the security module is turned on. Users who participate in the “early adopters program” can upgrade in July. Those who do not want to participate in any early access activities are expected to upgrade to windows11 around Christmas in the fourth quarter.

2. “Holding Group Operations”

Apple has been out for so long, but Microsoft is still fighting steadily. Why? Because Apple is fighting alone, but Microsoft is not fighting alone. In the personal system, Apple is the majority. But in the commercial system, Microsoft is the majority. For many enterprise users, if the entire platform system is to be upgraded, it may be a large order.

Microsoft, which has a wide product line and greater compatibility, has moved more steadily this time around. At the same time, it is not easy. Once there is a multi-brand, multi-terminal, and multi-category application market. The workload and pressure are great.

3. Microsoft Family Bucket, the pain point among the pain points

The Microsoft App Store, which is rarely used by many people, is an important problem for multiple departments of Microsoft to solve. Similarly, people often say to buy Apple Family Bucket, but few people will mention Microsoft Family Bucket. Microsoft still lacks internal multi-faceted and multi-departmental connections. Ecologically, Microsoft can do a little more.

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