Was hyped up to 590 yuan a pill

Recently, the traditional Chinese medicine Pill Zihuang, which treats “clearing heat and detoxification, cooling blood and removing blood stasis, and relieving swelling and pain”, has been hyped up to a sky-high price of 590 yuan, and it has been ridiculed by many as the “Moutai of Chinese medicine”.


According to statistics from brokerage firms, from the perspective of ex-factory prices, Pien Tze Huang has raised prices 10 times from 2004 to 2020, from 125 yuan to 390 yuan, an increase of 212%. From the perspective of domestic retail prices, there are a total of 9 price increases, from a retail price of 325 yuan to 590 yuan, an increase of 82%. Since Pien Tze Huang went public, there have been 19 price increases continuously.

Correspondingly, there are purchase restrictions per person. Pien Tzehuang began to have purchase restrictions in April this year, and even a single medicine was difficult to find in places such as Beijing and Fuzhou.

According to the Beijing Youth Daily, shopping in Pien Tze Huang now requires registration. The goods are sold in limited quantities. They often line up early and there are still no goods. At the same time, buyers have to register their ID cards and mobile phone numbers. It takes 3 to 5 days to buy the same number again.

In the eyes of some experts, this kind of Chinese medicine, which was once unknown, has the same effect as ordinary Chinese medicine. The price is high, but there are some behind it.

Offline purchases are restricted, the online price doubles, and the highest rises over 3 times

According to a report from China-Singapore Jingwei, on the morning of June 21, with a quarter of an hour before the opening time of 9 o’clock, the Pien Tze Huang Experience Hall Beijing Yinhe SOHO store had a long queue. The clerk asked the customers who lined up outside the store to scan the code to fill in detailed personal information, and said that only one person can enter the store at a time, and each person is “limited to 2”.

Ten minutes after the door was opened, Pien Tze Huang, which was priced at 590 yuan per tablet, was sold out. Only 10 customers bought the product, and the rest could only be returned with bare hands. Customers who bought 2 capsules on the same day will have the opportunity to buy again after 5 days, while those who bought 1 capsule can only buy again after 3 days.

Coincidentally, on June 23, two days later, when the Beijing Youth Daily visited the Pien Tze Huang Experience Hall, the other party said: “There are no single capsules, only capsules, 708 yuan a box. If you want to buy, you can register by phone.”

Due to the shortage of offline supply, the prices of major online pharmacies such as Taobao and JD.com have also risen. They are basically between 900 yuan/tablet and 1,800 yuan/tablet, which are more than double the official price, up to three times as much. Even so, Pien Tze Huang is out of stock in the flagship store of e-commerce.

The total market value is approaching 260 billion yuan, taking the top spot in Chinese medicine stocks

Pien Tze Huang’s rapid price increase all the way, naturally has a linear effect on its market value.

The company was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on June 16, 2003. Since its listing, its share price performance has been comparable to that of Moutai.

The market value of Pien Tze Huang has risen by as much as 175 times, while Kweichow Moutai has risen by only 431 times since its listing.

Even, judging from the stock price of the past 10 years, Pien Tze Huang’s stock price far exceeded Moutai, with a cumulative increase of more than 31 times, while Moutai’s increase was only 15 times. Recently, Pien Tze Huang’s share price has hit record highs. On June 22, Pien Tze Huang surged 6.43% to close at 430.21 yuan per share, setting a new record high, with a total market value approaching 260 billion yuan, reaching 259.6 billion yuan.

Among the Chinese medicine stocks, Pien Tze Huang’s total market value is more than 110 billion higher than that of Yunnan Baiyao, which ranks second, and holds the top spot in the Chinese medicine field.

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