Consumer loan black production counterattack

In the last 21st Century Business Herald’s contribution to the teaching series, “Consumer Loan Black Product Investigation: Unpaid Fees, Unable to Get Money”, it was mentioned that the consumer loan black and gray production gangs wear loan matching service companies or formal The cloak of the lending platform, through the pre-determined fraudulent process, makes the loan customers have been “killed four times in a row” before they successfully obtained the loan.

In fact, in addition to the existence of black and gray production gangs that deceive consumers in the name of lending, there is also a type of black and gray production gangs that “turn the gun” and target formal lending platforms or other financial institutions, not only by forging identities and Credit records help borrowers with low credit quality to borrow, and they also use false or real identity information to “fraud loans.”

A few years ago, a certain online small and micro loan product of a certain stock bank broke out with a large number of bad loans due to a large number of fraudulent loans. Among consumer loan products, black production is also a key target for financial institutions.

“Deception” with fake and real

In the consumer loan black and gray industry chain for financial institutions, black and gray production gangs will mainly play two roles. One is a “black intermediary”, which helps borrowers solve the problem of “banking flow” by “packaging materials” and “whitewashing data”. This kind of business is also called “packaging loan” because of the loan qualification problems such as insufficient income and insufficient income. The other is to “fraud loans” by individuals or groups through fraudulent use of identities.

The most common operation of “packaging loans” is to “pack” loan clients as senior executives of shell companies, and at the same time lend them in the form of wages and form a bank flow. In May of this year, some media reported that after Mr. Zeng, a citizen, had applied for a loan of 2.1 million yuan through Hangzhou Kunshang Technology Co., Ltd., he discovered that the company had also changed a company to its own name. This is a typical feature of “packaging loans”.

According to analysis by industry insiders, the method of “packaging loans” is not clever, but the black industry chain that fraudulently uses identities to make malicious loans uses layers of technical means to “disguise”. In the process of personal information entry, the black and gray production gangs deceive the back-end systems of financial institutions by purchasing white account certificates, using simulators to generate fake certificates, and using packet capture software to “whitewash” data.

The so-called white account refers to users with blank credit status. A person familiar with the matter said that black and gray production gangs can buy ID cards at low prices from poor mountainous areas, rural areas, or unemployed vagrants, and then use ID cards to apply for mobile phone numbers, bank cards and USB shields. This is also known in the industry as ” Four-piece” or “YHK4”. Some black production gangs will also directly purchase “four-piece suits” from card dealers. However, according to industry insiders, the price of “four-piece suits” has risen from 400 yuan to 1,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan, and 6,000 yuan in the past two years. Many black industry gangs are “self-sufficient” and have all the “collecting cards-selling cards-defrauding loans” into their pockets, forming a complete industrial chain.