Soaring over 1200% on the first day of listing

On June 23, Nanomicro Technology (688690.SH), a leading domestic chromatographic packing company, landed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. On the first day of listing, the stock price of Nawei Technology once hit a high price of RMB 110.6 per share.

Soaring over 1200% on the first day of listing

Public information shows that Nanomicro Technology is a company specializing in the research and development, large-scale production, sales and application services of high-performance nano-microsphere materials. It provides core microsphere materials and related materials for customers in the fields of biomedicine, flat panel display, analysis and testing, and in vitro diagnostics. A high-tech enterprise with technological solutions.

From the perspective of financial data, from 2018 to 2020, Nanomicro Technology achieved operating income of 82,395,800 yuan, 130 million yuan, and 205 million yuan, respectively; net profits were 13.78 million yuan, 21.4 million yuan, and 72.9 million yuan.

In terms of shareholders, according to the prospectus, well-known investment institutions such as Hillhouse Capital, Sequoia China Fund, China Renaissance Capital and WuXi AppTec (02359) under Zhang Lei have all invested in Nanomicro Technology.

As of press time, Nawei Technology reported 108.35 yuan, a surge of 1242.74%, and the latest total market value was 40.4 billion yuan. If calculated at the current price, the first lottery (500 shares) can earn about 50,000 yuan.