There is no more gunpowder, the summer war is tight

The 618 shopping carnival almost attracted the participation of all people, and the time was just near the summer vacation. Many online education institutions chose to join the game. This year, Akasso, Global Online School, Zhengbao Distance Education, NetEase Cloud Classroom, New Oriental Online, 51CTO, Hujiang Online School , Gordon Education, 3 Classes,, etc. have launched big promotion activities, but compared with previous years, this year’s 618 has been very different.

the summer war is tight

The advertisement is quiet and self-broadcast into a boom

This year’s 618 came to an end, but it was very different from previous years.

“Double Eleven in the south and 618 in the north”, these two shopping carnivals deeply interpret the festival marketing capabilities of the e-commerce business and also demonstrate the strong consumption power of the Chinese people. Whenever these two major festivals approach, brand owners are gearing up to show off their skills, all kinds of advertisements are overwhelming, and all kinds of propaganda earn enough attention.

In previous years, educational institutions were also an important member, but this year, the advertising of educational institutions has become quiet.

On the one hand, this is due to the policy supervision this year, on the other hand, it is also the reduction of marketing expenses under the predicament of brand survival. At the end of February this year, CCTV’s channels quietly withdrew the advertisements of Yuanjiao, Job Gang and other institutions; since March, the advertisements of online education institutions have gradually disappeared in outdoor advertising occasions such as elevators and bus stations; in May, the market supervision of Beijing Haidian District The Administration and the Education Commission of Haidian District issued the “Reminders on the Key Contents of Advertisements in the Education and Training Industry”, which mentioned that words such as famous teachers, famous schools, first-line, and enrollment rates should not be used for publicity. On the 26th, Chen Xiangdong, founder and CEO of Gaotu Group Said that Gaotu has completely stopped the information flow; in June, the Guilin Education Bureau stated that it would strengthen the supervision of the official accounts of off-campus training institutions…

Obviously, almost all of the conventional channels for educational institutions in previous years have been blocked. Statistics show that during the period from May 1st to May 26th, 2020, the average daily investment amount of several head institutions such as Xueersi Online School, Ape Guidance, Homework Gang, and Gaotu reached 7-8 million yuan; and From May 1 to May 26 this year, this figure was updated to 1 to 2 million yuan, a sharp decrease of 85.71% year-on-year.