Force employees to buy “problem batteries”

According to China Fund News, over the weekend, the Ningde era with a trillion market value was revealed. According to Internet news, since March, the Ningde era has ordered manager-level employees to purchase Model 3, and said that the forced employees to buy these models are because of the battery. The problem, Tesla returned to the Ningde era.

Force employees to buy "problem batteries"

What is the matter? Let’s take a look.

Ningde era was exposed to force employees to buy Tesla

Recently, some netizens broke the news that Tesla battery supplier Ningde Times forced managers-level employees to purchase Tesla Model 3. To support their revelations, the netizen released several photos, saying that the Ningde Times Center Technology Building has been stopped. Full of Tesla.

However, on a certain platform, an employee who claimed to be Ningde Times answered anonymously. He said that he was an employee of Ningde Times, and the vehicles purchased by these forced employees were “Tesla sold to Ningde Times, and Ningde Times sold them to employees. , And requested that the license plate is not allowed to be exchanged or resold within one year.”

In March last year, CATL launched a discount campaign for employees to buy Tesla. Model 3 is 40 to 50,000 cheaper than Tesla’s official store. However, CATL did not force employees to buy at the time, and many employees were eager to try.

The employee also said that the reason why these cars were sold to the Ningde era was because the batteries in this batch were defective. Therefore, Tesla returned to the Ningde era, and the Ningde era was not qualified to sell cars to the outside world and could only adopt the method of internal digestion.

Ningde era denied

No quality issues, no mandatory purchases

In response, the relevant person in charge of CATL responded, “As for employees to buy Tesla, the company encourages employees to buy electric vehicles at preferential prices in order to promote full electrification. It is not limited to Tesla, including most of the brands we supply. “The person in charge also emphasized, “(This batch of cars) has no quality problems, and there is no compulsory purchase.”

The person in charge said that in order to promote full electrification, the company encourages employees to buy electric vehicles at preferential prices. This activity has been going on for three years and is held at irregular times each year. Last year was during the National Day.

At the same time, the person in charge also revealed that the preferential car purchase price for employees is 199,000, and there are discounts for high-performance employees; and the person in charge rejected the hotly discussed issues of “battery problems” and “compulsory purchase” by netizens.