Bezos “God” is imminent

According to the Global Times, citing a report from Business Insider on the 20th, Amazon founder and super-rich Jeff Bezos previously announced in a high-profile manner that he will travel in space on the “New Shepard” spacecraft on the 20th of next month.

Bezos "God" is imminent

However, three days after he announced the news, a petition with the theme “Don’t Let Bezos Return to Earth” appeared on the Internet. As of the publication of Business Insider, the petition received more than 41,000 people’s support.

Earlier, Bezos posted a video on social media saying that he will travel to space on July 20 in the “New Shepherd” spacecraft developed by Blue Origin.

The British “Guardian” reported on the 7th that July 20th coincided with the 52nd anniversary of the American “Apollo 11” spacecraft landing on the moon, and it was also the first time the “New Shepherd” spacecraft performed a manned space travel mission. There were three passengers in the first batch of space travel, in addition to Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos and a tourist who obtained space travel seats through auction.

Bezos founded Blue Origin in 2000. The company’s “New Shepherd” spacecraft was developed specifically for space travel. Bezos said: “Looking at the earth from space will change your life. This is what I want to do all my life. This is an adventure and very important to me.” His brother Mark said that he received his brother’s I was stunned when I invited.

It is reported that after completing the first space travel, the “New Shepherd” spacecraft will be open to the public, but the specific pricing of space travel has not yet been announced.

The super-rich are “unpopular” or related to tax incidents

The American people’s “hostility” towards the “super rich” may be related to the tax incident that was exploded before.

According to a previous report by the “Daily Business News”, Amazon founder Bezos and Tesla founder Musk are the two richest Americans. According to Forbes real-time statistics, their latest net worth is US$190 billion (approximately approximately). 1.2 trillion yuan) and 167 billion US dollars (about 1 trillion yuan), ranking first and third in the world’s richest list respectively.

It stands to reason that the rich will pay more income taxes, and even if they pay more taxes, their burden is still smaller than that of ordinary workers. However, a survey from the US news site ProPublica found that the actual tax payments of the top rich people are beyond imagination. For example, Bezos did not pay any federal personal income tax in 2007 and 2011.

From 2014 to 2018, Bezos reported revenue of US$4.22 billion and paid US$973 million in taxes, but considering his net worth soared to nearly US$100 billion, the actual tax rate was less than 1%.

From 2006 to 2018, Bezos’ tax avoidance behavior was even more alarming: total income was US$6.5 billion and taxes were US$1.4 billion. However, his wealth surged by US$127 billion, and the actual tax rate was only slightly over 1%, reaching 1.1%. s level.

Among them, in 2007, Amazon’s stock price doubled, and Bezos’ net worth increased by $3.8 billion, but he did not pay any federal income tax. When he filed taxes with his ex-wife Mackenzie, he only declared $46 million in income. , Its main source is interest and dividends from external investments.

In this way, he can use debt interest payments, “other expenses” and other investment losses and deductions to offset every penny earned.

2011 was also a year when Bezos did not pay taxes. At that time, his net worth was stable at about 18 billion U.S. dollars, but he claimed that his investment losses exceeded his income when filing taxes, and applied for tax credits for himself and his children on this basis.

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