Trump VS Biden, two luxury houses are exposed

The U.S. presidential election has become intensified. Trump is seeking re-election to “make the United States continue to be strong”, and Biden has declared “fight for the soul of the country.”

The President of the United States is considered to be the pinnacle of world politics. What kind of people are they? Maybe we can see their character and even political orientation from their house decoration!

Trump is a well-known real estate tycoon in the United States, and he likes to show off his wealth very much. He is recognized as the most nasty upstart in the United States. When Trump was 27 years old, there were about 14,000 apartments under his name, each of which was gleaming and full of local tyrants.

On the other hand, Biden, who calls himself “Middle Class Joe”, is very restrained, and his house is simple and elegant, and looks more warm.

Trump’s landlord

The Trump Tower in New York is an asset under Trump’s name. Starting from the 66th floor, it is a three-story duplex mansion. Its interior luxury is beyond ordinary people’s ability to penetrate!

In the mid-1990s, Trump bought this building, but he felt that the appearance was too low-key, so he waved his hand and demolished the exterior wall and redesigned it. Then he had the current black glass with a gilded frame to show off him. Is different.

The penthouse is worth about 100 million U.S. dollars and offers beautiful views of Manhattan’s Central Park.

Entering the residence, the shining golden brilliance rushes toward you, and the magnificence is not enough to describe its internal scene. It can be said that it has a soft spot for the luxury style of Louis XIV in France. Many design inspirations come from the palace decoration of this period.

In addition, court-style designs such as Baroque and Rococo are also all on the battlefield.

The layout of the lobby is symmetrical, and the gilded candlesticks on the two glass tables are eye-catching. You can feel the luxurious classic style, and even the ceiling is full of classic murals.

All the dishes, chandeliers, vases and other decorations displayed here are inlaid with 24K gold! Every item on the table is exquisite and priceless.

“Trump”‘s philosophy of money supremacy is vividly expressed in this house. The political attitude of the supremacy of money and the supremacy of white people has been supported by white people, rural areas and suburbs until now.

Middle-class Biden’s “petty bourgeoisie” feelings

Biden and his wife Jill currently live in a mansion in Virginia, one of the wealthiest communities in the United States. Biden’s neighbors include Prince Ben of Saudi Arabia, former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich.

This nearly 12,000-square-foot house is behind a picturesque and quiet road. It has a foyer, home theater, parking lot for 20 cars, and a fully equipped gym with sauna.

Quite different from Trump’s magnificence, Biden’s residence is dominated by a touch of cool color.

This cold, even small and fresh villa has a modern kitchen with hidden lighting, a spacious kitchen island and first-class equipment.

Entering the restaurant, it is as if it is a seemingly real 18th century room, decorated with crystal chandeliers and small vintage print walls.

The light and luxurious living room is full of all kinds of gray home furnishings. The seemingly simple walk-in fireplace is made of old stone. According to reports, it was designed for Lafayette on the Brandywan battlefield. The pine floor was recovered from a court in Dover, and it can be said that each object has its own story.

Biden’s house looks simple and simple. From his spacious, bright and not cumbersome decoration style, you can also see his delicate petty bourgeoisie style, caring about the inner value, soul and story of things, which is in line with his style of behavior.

After taking an inventory of these two houses with very different styles, do you find it interesting? The decoration of a house can actually reflect his personal characteristics.

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  3. Alivia says:

    Biden is a liar, a corrupt politician, and he has been lashing out at Biden. Now he is in stark contrast to the man in the debate, because no one will turn off his microphone.

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