Two American women take a million dollars

Earlier this month, two women in Tennessee were caught trying to pay with a $1 million counterfeit note.

Two American women take a million dollars

The incident occurred in a dollar general store in Maryville, a suburb of Knoxville. The two women tried to use the counterfeit note to pay for several gift cards. When questioned, they claimed that they did not know the note was fake.


However, an employee of the store could easily identify the $1 million as a fake because there were no $1 million bills in the United States. The employee then called the police to report the “suspicious incident”.


Of the two women, Amanda McCormick, 39, was the first suspect in possession of counterfeit money. When the police asked McCormick, she explained that the note was sent from a church, but she was “unable to provide information about the church.”.


McCormick tried to use the counterfeit money to buy several things, including gift cards from several companies. She explained that what she was trying to buy was to distribute to the homeless in the area.


The 61 year old woman accompanying McCormick was also questioned by the authorities, but she claimed that she had no prior knowledge of the counterfeit note, saying that she and McCormick were just shopping together.


The two women were not charged with any crime, but as punishment, they were verbally warned and banned from visiting the store. The so-called $1 million note was also seized by the authorities.


Although the U.S. Treasury has never printed $1 million in bills, some companies have been known for printing novel bills as promotional materials, although they do not intend to use them as real ones.


Strange as it is, it’s not the first time anyone has tried to use a million dollar counterfeit note as legal currency. In October 2019, a man tried to buy a second-hand iPhone for $100 and took out two $1, a $10 and a fake million dollar note. After the seller’s girlfriend questioned him about the counterfeit money, the man also attacked her.