Global equity fund flows

According to Lipper, a fund analysis firm under refinitiv, global equity funds had net inflows of $16.4 billion as of April 14, as investors were optimistic about corporate earnings in the second quarter and weaker inflation expectations led to a decline in us spot bond yields.

Global equity fund flows

Over the same period, global bond funds also received about $16billion in net inflows.


The fall in US Treasury yields supported growth stocks such as technology stocks, which attracted $2.1 billion of capital this week, the highest in four weeks.


Expectations of improved corporate earnings in the second quarter also boosted stock inflows this week.


Analysts expect S & P 500 to increase its second quarter earnings by 25 per cent over the same period last year, the best quarter performance since 2018, according to lfote ibes.


However, as new crown cases in India, the Philippines, Thailand and South Korea soared again, the flow of money into Asian stocks this week was the lowest compared with other regions.


India’s stock fund outflows $190million this week, the highest in three months, with South Korea’s equity fund net outflow of $618million.


In terms of commodity funds, precious metal funds face a capital outflow of 641million dollars, which is the 10th consecutive week outflow. Investors buy risky assets and sell off hedging assets.


The rising investor risk appetite also reflects the inflow of funds recorded by emerging market bonds and equity funds, which attracted about $1.4 billion of capital inflow in the week.

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