Next year is the year of Mercedes Benz Eq

It is understood that 2021 is the EQ year of Mercedes Benz. In order to achieve the carbon neutral goal of “vision 2039”, Mercedes Benz plans to account for more than 50% of global sales of plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles by 2030. Based on this, Mercedes Benz’s investment in the field of electrification is unprecedented.
Mercedes Benz EQC pure electric SUV
Among them, China market, as the largest new energy market in the world, has become an important camp of Mercedes Benz’s “electric first” strategy. In 2019, Mercedes Benz launched its first pure electric vehicle EQC pure electric SUV, which was put into production by Beijing Benz. EQC not only has pure electric drive, but also carries the luxury tone of Mercedes Benz brand, so as to launch an attack on China’s electric vehicle market.
EQC is more than that. In order to further increase the contact between EQ brand and customers, Mercedes Benz provides a new retail mode of electric vehicles, EQ experience station, on the basis of existing dealer network. Meanwhile, it provides EQC users with “five-star service” including star housekeeper, star accompanying, star post station, star assistant and star escort, which provides a good service foundation for the subsequent introduction of electric products.
In addition to Mercedes Benz, in recent years, major luxury brands and mainstream car companies have increased the layout and investment in the field of new energy under the background of electrification. According to the data of marklines, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles of global mainstream traditional automobile enterprises in 2019 is close to 2%, 1% higher than that in 2017. In 2025, the average penetration rate of new energy vehicles will reach about 10% – 15%.
In Yang Ming’s opinion, new energy vehicles have become the key area to determine whether the luxury car market will succeed or not. “If you look at the long-term, luxury brands want to get more eye-catching sales performance, more is to release potential in the new energy field.”.
According to the plan, from 2021, four new pure electric vehicle models based on EVA platform will be listed in succession. At the same time, Mercedes AMG, Mercedes Maybach and Mercedes Benz G-class cars will also gradually launch new electric models. In addition, a new Mercedes Benz modular architecture (MMA) platform designed for compact and medium-sized vehicles is also under development.
It is worth noting that Mercedes Benz has increased the layout of the electric industry chain in China. In August 2020, Mercedes Benz and Ningde Times announced that they would jointly develop high-tech battery technology to support the large-scale electrification of Mercedes Benz’s vehicle lineup, so as to ensure the battery supply of the next generation EQ products in the next few years. Before reaching a deep cooperation with Ningde times, Mercedes Benz announced that it would deepen strategic cooperation with Funeng technology and take a stake in this local partner.
New Mercedes Benz gle 350 e 4matic plug in hybrid SUV
In addition to pure electric vehicles, Mercedes Benz will also launch more plug-in hybrid vehicles, including the new gle 350 e 4matic plug-in hybrid SUV and sedan SUV, which are listed in the Guangzhou auto show with an electric endurance of 103 km, as well as E-class and S-class hybrid cars entering the Chinese market in the future, as well as more EQ products.
“It is certain that new energy vehicles may appear in every market segment in the future; for us, each market segment will have our products, including pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid models.” In the two years, we hope to have a place in the field of luxury Benz
Create the most desirable brand
With the end of the 2020 Guangzhou auto show, 2020 has come to an end. For Yang Ming, since taking office on September 1, 2019, opportunities and challenges coexist. Especially affected by the epidemic situation, 2020 has become a very extraordinary year.
“In the past period of time, our experience can be described as half sea water and half fire, and this experience has given me a lot of insights.” “In 2020, we expect to have a relatively positive market performance thanks to the effective domestic anti epidemic achievements and the overall recovery of the market. Thank you for the opportunities and vitality brought by the Chinese market,” Yang said
According to Mercedes Benz, the most important passenger car market in China. Data shows that in the third quarter of this year, the global sales of Mercedes Benz passenger cars were about 614000, with a year-on-year growth of 3.9%, the first year-on-year growth since this year. Among them, China’s market contributed about 223600 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 23.4%, accounting for nearly 40% of the global sales volume of Mercedes Benz. In the first three quarters of this year, the cumulative sales volume of Mercedes Benz passenger cars in the Chinese market was nearly 570000, with a year-on-year increase of 8.3%.
At present, Mercedes Benz has a strong product lineup and good brand power. How to manage the long-term relationship with customers will become the focus of Mercedes Benz’s work. “In the Chinese market, we hope to set up our luxury benchmark in the field of customer service, and hope to provide you with the experience of” heart luxury service “that matches the positioning of luxury brands Yang Ming said.
In order to meet and exceed the expectations of customers, Mercedes Benz constantly innovates at the service level. In May last year, Mercedes Benz launched the “Service Convention”, which reached two “no’s”: never bundle sales and forced consumption; never use fake parts and replace them with inferior ones, which has played an exemplary role in the industry.In 2020, in order to further understand and meet the needs of Chinese customers, Mercedes Benz continuously upgrades its customer service concept. Based on the way of getting along with people and based on the Chinese cultural context, Mercedes Benz officially launched the brand’s basic service concept and value consensus in China – “hospitality”.
From the “Service Convention” to “hospitality”, Mercedes Benz continues to optimize its services in China, providing consumers with a transparent, smooth and home-made retail experience, making brand building more warm.

“The so-called luxury is to provide” new luxury “product experience and provide customers with” heart luxury “service experience matching with luxury products Yang Ming told Caijing, “it’s not difficult to describe it, but it’s a long way to implement it steadily, but we believe it will come soon.”
Mercedes Benz has been on the road to realize the dream of Chinese users for cars and create the most desirable automobile and service brand in China.

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    Once again, Mercedes-Benz is offering its highest tribute to China, which for six years has accounted for two-thirds of global sales of the Maybach S-Class.

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