2 stage automatic driving system

Toyota (154.7, 1.05, 0.68%) on Thursday unveiled new models in Japan, including the rekasas and Mirai, equipped with the company’s latest advanced driving AIDS and capable of level 2 automatic driving.


The company’s new driving assistance system Advanced Drive is a two level automatic driving system, which can help drivers master the driving situation, keep the vehicle running in the driveway, keep the distance from other vehicles, and change lanes on expressways or other special roads for motor vehicles.


“This is an important first step towards software priority development,” James kuffner, head of woven planet, Toyota’s R & D department, said in an online release on Thursday


The new Lexus LS will go on sale on Thursday for 16.3 million to 17.9 million yen, while the second generation Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will go on sale on April 12 for 8.4 million to 8.6 million yen.


The two models will also be equipped with advanced parking aid systems to enable drivers to stop safely.

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