HSBC plans to make more than 1200 UK employees permanent at home

HSBC (29.74, 0.39, 1.33%) plans to convert more than 1200 UK employees into permanent home office contracts, which is one of the most obvious signs so far that the epidemic has led to changes in the working mode of the banking industry.


According to unite, one of the UK’s largest trade unions, about 70% of HSBC’s 1800 call center employees in England, Wales and Scotland volunteered not to return to the office.


Although many of them have adopted the mixed mode of work and reduced office space, HSBC has made some employees work at home permanently, which is a step further than most of its competitors who choose the mixed mode of work.


A spokesman for HSBC UK said: “we are discussing with our call centre colleagues who serve HSBC UK retail customers how we can provide flexibility in the workplace while ensuring that our way of working meets the needs of our customers. These discussions continue.