After Taobao Special Edition

On April 7, surging news reporters learned that Xianyu recently submitted an application for a small program to wechat. After the application is approved, the platform will support users to purchase idle items in small programs, share links among users, and improve the shopping sharing experience.

After Taobao Special Edition

Idle fish is an idle circulation community born from “Taobao second-hand” channel in 2014. It was officially put into operation in June 2014. By December 2020, the number of users of idle fish has exceeded 300 million. It is the largest C2C community and trading market of long tail commodities (including second-hand, recycled, renovated and leased commodities) in China, with more than 30 million online sellers. Digital, clothing, furniture, mother and baby have become important trading categories.


Before Xianyu submitted his application to wechat, it was said that he planned to open the special Taobao app on Tencent wechat. This is the first time that there is a rumor of “thawing” after years of “mutual sealing” between wechat and Taobao.


On March 25, Wang Hai, vice president of Alibaba and general manager of c2m business unit, told surging news reporters: “helping businesses grow better and meeting the habits of different consumers has always been the original intention and mission of Taobao special edition. Taobao special edition hope and can cooperate with Tencent, also seek the best way of cooperation. The application process has been initiated to the relevant departments of Tencent, and has not yet passed the review.

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