Global Equity Fund for the first quarter

Under the pressure of soaring US bond yields, global equity funds had net inflows of $17.6bn in the week to March 31, the lowest in three weeks, according to Lipper, a fund analyst at refinitiv.

Global Equity Fund for the first quarter

In the first quarter of this year, the net inflow of global equity funds was 289.6 billion US dollars, the highest since at least 2013, but the inflow slowed down towards the end of the quarter.


In the week ending March 31, most of the funds flowing into the stock market flowed into financial stocks, with a net purchase scale of US $2.37 billion, while industrial stocks attracted us $1.1 billion, the most in four weeks.


The rise in oil prices has led to an increase in funds flowing into energy funds, but precious metal funds continue to flow out due to the fall in gold prices.


At the same time, the net inflow of global bond funds was US $8.4 billion, 19% higher than the previous week, mainly boosted by the inflow of us medium-term bonds and high-yield bonds.