In the era of mobile payment, don’t abandon the old people who use cash

I decided to go out in the future or bring some cash. When I went out to buy vegetables in the morning, an old farmer who took the first bus to the city at the gate of the community did not have a mobile phone. He looked at me helplessly and said, “do you have any cash? I can’t use a cell phone. ”
This is not the first time that I have encountered this situation. Of course, in the past, I had no choice but not to buy his food and would not take it into consideration. But recently, I was deeply stimulated by the news that an old man who bought social security with cash was refused.
In fact, this is not a case. Many elderly people can’t use mobile phone at all. They use old machines that can only call. How do they use Alipay, WeChat and how to use health codes? Some people say that this is a group of more than 200 million people who have been forgotten by the society. Without the health code, they can’t even enter the shopping mall.
Currency digitalization is a trend of social progress. If you say you won’t use Alipay now, you won’t pay with WeChat, that’s just like primitive people.
From a big point of view, digital currency is of great significance to improve financial efficiency, promote cross-border payment and adjust the international monetary system. As a result, even the central bank is constantly releasing the risk of issuing digital RMB. But in real life, the circulation of cash must exist, it is not only a sense of existence, but also shoulder the human fireworks and inclusiveness.
My parents are more than 70 years old, they will not use WeChat to pay and Alipay, every time they celebrate the holidays, they will not rush to buy red packets, buy vegetables and spend all of them in cash. They will gift money to their grandchildren every time, and choose a brand new hundred dollar bill to be packed in red packets neatly. This is the fireworks of the elderly.
Many elderly people don’t use this or that way of payment, not because they think this way is inconvenient, but because they are older, it is very difficult to operate and easily forget the password.
What’s more, the Internet is full of good and bad, and various kinds of junk software, hackers and phishing software emerge in an endless stream, not to mention that it is not easy for the elderly to distinguish clearly. Even we sometimes have lingering fear. What if my payment password is cracked by the hacker phishing software? What if my scanning payment is scanned by others? What if my e-wallet password is cracked?
There is also a big problem with currency digitization and Internet payment. It is easy to cause internet and mobile phone dependence. In case the mobile phone is out of power and there is no cash on the body, sometimes it is really difficult to move.
Moreover, the network signal coverage in many remote and blocked areas is not good. When there is no network, you have to use electronic payment, which is really difficult. For example, some underground parking lots are unattended, but the signal of Internet mobile phone is not good. It will be very sour to pay with mobile phone at this time.
Many people envy the life of Europeans, but it is interesting that the Internet in Europe is not developed, and e-commerce is developing very slowly. Various mobile phone payments are even more rare. People are still used to paying in cash.
Then many people said that the European way of life is very human fireworks, very comfortable. Turn around and look at ourselves, everything is catching up and running, accustomed to the fast pace of life, accustomed to all kinds of evolution forced by the Internet, slowly losing the soul of life in the digital bubble.

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  1. Paloma says:

    But in real life, the circulation of cash is also a must exist, it is not only a sense of existence, but also shouldered the human fireworks and tolerance.

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