Sk biotechnology in Korea

Sk biotechnology, a new South Korean new stock, officially listed on Thursday, opened only 15 minutes higher than the opening price by 30 percent, triggering a rise and a halt to Korean won 169000.


Sk biotechnology was successfully set a record of double and rising and stopping the opening price compared with the IPO price on the first day of the IPO. The company’s total market value increased to 12.9285 trillion won, and jumped to 28th place on the Kospi market value list, surpassing SK biopharmaceuticals and big hit entertainment recently listed.


Sk biotechnology has attracted attention from institutional funds and retail investors in the first half of this year, and the stock price has been expected to rise. Especially, the shares that can be traded on the first day of listing are only 11.63% of the total issued volume, which promotes the development of bullish psychology.


Sk biotechnology is a vaccine professional production enterprise established after chemical stripping from SK in 2018. In 2019, sales volume reached 183.9 billion won, and the current net profit was 14.7 billion won.

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