China’s core interests

Xinhua News Agency anchorage, March 17 (reporter Gao Pan Liu pinran) Chinese ambassador to the United States cuitiankai said on March 17 that China hopes the upcoming high-level strategic dialogue between China and the United States will open the process of rational dialogue and communication between the two countries, but China will not have any proper cooperation and concession in its core interests.


Cui Tiankai said in a joint interview with Chinese media such as Xinhua news agency in Anchorage, Alaska, the morning that the minimum and basic premise for dialogue and communication between any country is that both sides should have the spirit of equality and mutual respect. He stressed that China has no room for compromise and concession in terms of core interests involving China’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity, which is also the attitude that China will clearly show in this meeting.


Cui said China does not expect a dialogue to solve all the problems between China and the United States, so there is no high expectation or fantasy about the dialogue. He hoped that both sides could open a process of honest, constructive, rational dialogue and communication through this dialogue. If this can be achieved, the dialogue will be successful. “I hope both sides come with sincerity and leave with better mutual understanding.”


In response to the question that the United States recently drew allies to face China with “dominant position” in this strategic dialogue, Cui said that in fact, this practice is not necessary. As some people will sing to themselves on their own night road, it is not very useful. What questions should be discussed with China and can be shared face to face.


Cui pointed out that most countries in the world, including some of the allies of the United States, actually have several big question marks inside. Can the United States really play a responsible stakeholder role in international affairs? Is the United States really prepared to return to multilateral cooperation and make its due contribution to multilateral cooperation? Is the United States really prepared to show due respect for the interests of other countries and listen to the voices of other countries? These problems exist in the hearts of most countries in the world, including the allies of the United States, but some countries do not speak publicly. I hope the United States can understand the concerns in our hearts.


At the invitation of the US side, Yang Jiechi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and director of the office of the Central Committee on foreign affairs, and Wang Yi, State Councilor and foreign minister, will hold a high-level strategic dialogue between China and the United States in Anchorage from March 18 to 19.

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