Epic victory! China creates a world miracle!

On November 23, 2020, China will usher in an epic victory!
On the afternoon of the 23rd, the press office of Guizhou provincial government held a press conference to announce that nine counties, including Ziyun County, Nayong County, Weining County, Hezhang County, Yanhe County, Rongjiang County, Congjiang County, Qinglong County and Wangmo County, have withdrawn from the poverty-stricken county sequence.
So far, all 66 poverty-stricken counties in Guizhou Province have been lifted out of poverty. This also marks that the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council has determined that all 832 poverty-stricken counties in the country have been lifted from poverty, and that the national goal of poverty alleviation has been completed.
Earlier, on November 19, the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council announced at a press conference that the income level of all the people who have been lifted out of poverty has exceeded the poverty alleviation standard.
China has created another rare miracle in the history of mankind, from being poor and being poor to getting rid of poverty, and from 800 million poor people to 1.4 billion people!
How to build the miracle of China?
In the right times, in the right way.

in the right time,in the right way
Abigit bannaji, the winner of the Nobel Prize in economics in 2019, frequently mentioned in his book the nature of poverty:
Poor people do not have extra money to learn more information, thus losing more and better opportunities; poor people have little information sources, so it is very difficult to make a choice
Information is the most critical element to get rid of poverty.
Looking back on the course of China’s anti-poverty campaign, it is the poor who have the “right to information” that China can finally achieve success in poverty alleviation.
In the early days, the right to information was visible and tangible, and the way to get rich was to build roads first.
When the road is open, the flow of people, logistics and information can flow, and the poor can get rid of the wrong choice caused by information blocking.
In the real war, the projection ability, transportation radius and transmission speed of the army are the important indexes of a country’s combat effectiveness and the key to win the modern war.
In fact, it is the same for poverty alleviation. The projection ability of product information, transportation radius and circulation speed also determine the process of poverty alleviation.
The traditional way of getting rich and building roads can indeed solve most of the problems. However, with the limitation of the radiation radius of roads highlighted, the efficiency of poverty alleviation began to decline marginally.
In the new era, we need new ways to get rid of poverty.
2014 is the first year of 4G in China. The rise of Internet and the prosperity of e-commerce provide more ways for China to get rid of poverty.
It was also this year that the top leaders proposed to eliminate poverty precisely. After 2015, several important documents proposed to implement e-commerce poverty alleviation projects. In 2016, the 13th five year plan for poverty alleviation further clarified that e-commerce should be included in the poverty alleviation and development work system.
Why is e-commerce poverty alleviation so important?
Poverty alleviation is dynamic. Only by changing with social development can we achieve continuous success. In the 4G and 5g era, the core production factors have become data and digital information.
In other words, the “right to information” in the new era has long been out of the category of simply obtaining information. It is indispensable to obtain and send information so that more people can receive information effectively.
For farmers who hold agricultural products, only by enabling e-commerce and establishing a complete “information right”, can the fragrance of wine not be afraid of the depth of the alley.
On September 27, 2020, the Chinese side compiled and released the practice of eliminating absolute poverty in China (hereinafter referred to as practice). In practice, the Longnan model of e-commerce poverty alleviation has been included in the classic and regarded as a model of targeted poverty alleviation.
Longnan is a moving place with many memorable stories.
Zhang Jiacheng is a fruit farmer in Lixian County, Longnan. Before 2019, he often worried about what to do after the big apple harvest? There is no market, can not sell out, good apple can only see rotten in hand, rotten in the ground.
The dilemma of sales will be solved by 2019. In that year, he learned to live broadcast with Ali’s poverty alleviation workers. Lao Zhang learned how to sell his own good apples by live broadcasting. How about the effect of live delivery? This year’s National Day holiday, Lao Zhang and his two sons and daughters, three people live on the battle, seven days sold more than 5000 kilograms of apples.
This good result made Lao Zhang’s family happy
In the past, the family’s income was meager, but now it’s more than 100000 yuan a year. It’s a big difference. My goal is to earn 1 million yuan by e-commerce in 10 years!
Like Lao Zhang, there are still many people in Longnan who live to be rich.
On November 24, Longnan model continued.
On this day, “2020 global poverty reduction partnership seminar” was held in Longnan. The event was jointly sponsored by Gansu provincial government, China Foreign Affairs Bureau and several major agricultural organizations under the United Nations Flag. They came to Longnan to have a deep understanding of Longnan model. They want to learn from Longnan and China’s e-commerce poverty alleviation model, and promote the e-commerce poverty alleviation model to more countries and regions in the world.
As the most important promoter of Longnan mode, Alibaba Group’s juhuasuan 10 billion subsidy platform held a live delivery activity on the eve of the seminar: “new measures for poverty alleviation through consumption, re upgrading of table subsidies”, which helped the excellent agricultural and sideline products in Gansu and other poor areas to reach consumers, and let the world feel the innovative practice of poverty alleviation in China.
With only half an hour of live broadcasting, Juhua’s 10 billion yuan subsidy helps fruit farmers at home and abroad sell huge quantities of goods. For example, apple from Lixian County, Longnan City, sold 6.5 tons in 5 minutes after entering the official live broadcasting room with a subsidy of 10 billion yuan, with an explosion rate of 2000% for live broadcasting.
At the same time, international guests such as the commercial consul of the Consulate General of Malaysia in Shanghai and the consul representative of the Consulate General of Ethiopia in Shanghai also entered the juhuasuan

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