Looking for partners and funds

Young entrepreneurs in seed and start-up period will face various growth puzzles, financial constraints, or difficult to find a good “mother-in-law” for good projects In order to solve the urgent problems of young people, the “you innovation force” Youth Innovation Service series activities were launched in Chengdu.

Looking for partners and funds
Today (March 12), Red Star News reporter learned from the Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League that in order to promote the implementation of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship employment dream building project, the CPC Municipal Committee organized and carried out series of Youth Innovation service activities, including “venture capital performing arts hall”, “tutor open class”, “project docking Salon”, and provided financial services, mentors guidance and resource docking for Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu.
Joint Salon of cultural IP Entrepreneurship Project
Among them, the “venture capital studio” is jointly organized with financial venture capital institutions such as honeycomb gold clothing and Guanggu coffee to form a youth entrepreneurship financial support group, focusing on the investment and financing needs of young entrepreneurs in key industries of “5+5+1” in Chengdu, and conducting financial roadshow activities every week to invest in high-quality Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship projects; for young entrepreneurs with capital needs in seed and initial stage, the company will promote the city’s innovation and entrepreneurship projects “Free financing + interest free loan + angel investment + credit loan” financial policy support system, customized financial solutions.
“Tutor open course” is organized by the CPC Municipal Committee in conjunction with the entrepreneurship training camp of Peking University and other domestic well-known entrepreneurship counseling institutions to organize famous entrepreneurs to conduct online live teaching for Chengdu entrepreneurship youth, and provide online guidance courses for public welfare innovation and entrepreneurship, and help young entrepreneurs in seed and start-up period to improve their management and management level.
“Project docking Salon” focuses on the development needs of all kinds of young college students’ entrepreneurship Park and start-up enterprises in the nursery, organizes the industry tycoons to visit, inspect and negotiate the green and creative projects on site, and make it possible to open up the information resources of upstream and downstream enterprises, such as technology, business opportunities, product services and other information resources.
Interested young entrepreneurs can sign up for the “one-stop” service platform of Chengdu Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship through the WeChat official account of “green poly city”.
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