Will Biden’s best partner Harris straighten out US-Indian relations

According to Xinhua News Agency, Murphy, the head of the US General Services Administration, notified Biden and his team on November 23 that the Trump administration was ready to officially begin the process of regime transition.


In this way, the admission of Biden and Vice President-elect Harris to the White House was put on the schedule, which once again attracted the attention of the international community. This is no exception in India, and the Indian people also have a special concern, that is, Harris has half Indian ancestry. They hope that this natural bond will bring positive factors to the future development of India and the United States.

However, in an interview with a reporter from China Business News, Researcher Lin Minwang, deputy director of the Center for South Asian Studies of Fudan University, said that although Harris has Indian ancestry, her self-identity is American, not Indian, and she does not have much affection for India itself. . At the same time, she has made strong criticisms of the Modi government in the past, “So combining the above factors, Harris will not become a major factor in promoting the development of India-US relations.”

Half Indian

Harris was born in Berkeley, California, USA in 1964. Her mother was a Tamil from southern India and her father was an African immigrant from Jamaica. After his parents divorced in childhood, Harris and his mother who believed in Hinduism depended on each other, and the relationship was extremely close.

“Harris embraced his Indian culture when he was growing up, but also proudly lives as an African American.” The American media introduced her in this way in an article last year. And Harris herself has said that she has never been entangled with her identity, and that she has always been “an American.”

During the campaign, Biden and Harris received a lot of support from the Indian American community. After the U.S. mainstream media judged that Biden and Harris won the election, Indian Prime Minister Modi and opposition Congress leader Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Gandhi) all congratulated Harris and said that Harris’s election made Indians Americans and Indians are proud.

Modi had a telephone conversation with Biden on the 17th local time in India to congratulate him on his victory. When introducing the content of the conversation the next day, Modi wrote on Twitter: “I also conveyed my congratulations to the US vice presidential candidate Harris. Her success is the pride of Indian Americans and will also strengthen An important source of India-US relations.”

However, in the elections, Harris mainly identified himself as representatives of African Americans and minorities. It is particularly worth noting that although Harris has no Chinese ancestry and has not specialized in Chinese affairs, he has a Chinese name. This comes from the fact that in 2003, when she was running for the San Francisco District Attorney, in order to make the Chinese voters feel close, she specially asked the local Chinese leaders to “customize”.

Among the major immigrant groups in the United States, the number of Indians has maintained rapid growth in recent years, second only to Mexicans. After the media confirmed that Biden won the US election, Biden has included more than 20 Indian-Americans in the new government officials’ consideration list.

Among them, Mala Adiga (Mala Adiga) of Indian origin has confirmed that he will serve as the policy director of the Office of the First Lady. She is a senior policy aide in the Biden campaign and previously served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Academic Programs during the Obama administration.

National interest first

In an interview with a reporter from China Business News, Lin Minwang pointed out that compared with the Republican Party, the Democratic Party has more reservations about the internal affairs of the Modi government in the past.

In fact, even the people of Harbin have criticized some policies of the Indian government, especially when it comes to India’s handling of the Kashmir issue, her criticism is particularly prominent.

In international relations, consideration of the actual interests of the country is far more important than that of a foreign country where the leader is related by blood. So for Harris, being familiar with India does not mean being close to India.

The Indian opposition party also accused Modi of favoring Trump in the US general election, worrying that this would affect future India-US relations. Some South Asian affairs observers pointed out that, compared with Trump, Biden may not favor India on South Asia issues, but will adopt a more balanced policy between India and Pakistan.

On the immigration issue, Biden is committed to reforming the current visa system, which will benefit India. The Trump administration has imposed restrictions on the H-1B visa program, making it impossible for thousands of Indians working in the US technology industry to continue working there.

Before his birthday, Indian Foreign Minister Su Jie said that Biden is no stranger to India. When he was the Vice President of the United States and Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he had many contacts with India. During the campaign, Biden said that if he is elected president, India will become a natural partner of the United States.

In an interview with a reporter from China Business News, Lin Minwang said that both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, India has a very important strategic position for the United States, but in terms of importance, there are also differences in fields and degrees.

He said that despite strategic considerations, India is not an official ally of the United States after all, and its importance is not the highest priority. In the early days of the Democratic Party’s administration, the energy will probably be concentrated on handling internal affairs, and the relationship with India will remain normal. It is expected that there will be a trend for better development in the future.


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  1. Kalila says:

    Modi’s “special mention” of Harris at this time also meant that he would not “treat India badly” when he entered the White House.

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