What I buy is not a fund, but a trend

“Falling, falling all the way, one month’s income fell to only a fraction.”

What I buy is not a fund, but a trend

The Yi Fangda blue chip bought by Li Mengjiao with the blogger fell 15% a week. She wanted to copy the bottom of the fund, but she didn’t expect the fund to copy her home. As a fund manager, Li Mengjiao waited and watched the fund on the Internet for a few months and then took a shot, only to get a green screen.

However, Li Mengjiao did not have the relevant knowledge, nor did he have enough anti-risk ability. After joining the fund team, everyone said, “copying homework” everywhere. After the fund plummeted a year later, she realized that she had never independently thought and analyzed the direction of the fund.

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In the past two months or even nearly half a year, the topic of funds has remained high. Key words such as liquor sector and Nuoan are frequently searched. The majority of people discussing the direction of the fund are young people born in the 90s. In other words, the current Christian group is dominated by the post-90s.

When young people become the main force in buying funds, celebrity gossip is no longer a matter of talk, and which fund is worth buying is the topic king.

What I buy is not a fund, but a trend

Young people embrace funds, in addition to financial management purposes, they also have a mentality to follow suit. Li Mengjiao, who was first a Christian, told Lieyun.com that she didn’t understand funds at all and was not interested.

“People around you are buying. Moments and gatherings are all about the topic of the fund. If I don’t buy it, I won’t be able to keep up with the trend.” When the fund relies on the characteristics of the second income to harvest a large number of Christians, it gradually reduces itself. Hooked up with the trend.

When funds become a trend, what will we see?

The fund can’t escape the social network, the discussion group comes to blind date

Post-90s have the magic power to socialize all software.

Someone is looking for a boyfriend in the comment area of ​​the music listening software, and some people are cp in the game. As long as the function of user discussion is involved, someone will find the other half through it. At the same time, platforms that focus on social functions are gradually increasing. Online dating has become one of the main ways for post-90s to expand their social circle.

After the fund enters the life of the post-90s generation, it is hard to escape socialization. Moreover, socializing in the fund discussion group has a natural advantage. Li Mengjiao said that first of all, the discussion group of the fund will filter out a group of people who have no income and no sense of financial management, and from the funds purchased by the other party, it can be seen that his personality is seeking stability or quick success. “The income of the other party can also be calculated through the proportion and amount of money held.”

“Girls who hold Nuo’an pursue high returns and are too aggressive to be girlfriends.”

Zhao Jiacheng, who was on a blind date in the discussion forum of the fund recently, told Lieyun.com that at first, someone made friends in the discussion forum, and gradually it evolved into a direct blind date. Seeing the increasing number of blind dates in the discussion area, he also released the status and said that the girls who hold Nuoan don’t want it.

Lion Growth Hybrid is a medium to high risk fund with relatively large gains. In the eyes of Zhao Jiacheng, who is seeking stability, the girls who hold Nuoan are different from their own three views, and they will definitely not get along with each other in the future.

“The three different views are often noticed through months or even years. Here you can see through the funds bought by the other party. It is very intuitive and efficient.”

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On the tenth day of a blind date in the discussion area, Zhao Jiacheng found a girl who held a fund of construction machinery. In his opinion, this type of fund is relatively stable, and the girls who hold this type of fund have the same ideas as him. After adding WeChat, there was no awkward opening, and the two had a very happy conversation on the topic of the fund. Zhao Jiacheng smiled and said, this is the first time you don’t have to worry about having a conversation with a girl.

In the Alipay Fund Forum, there are a large number of young people’s needs for making friends. This is not a trendy circle culture, draw a circle with hobbies, and make friends with like-minded people in the circle. According to a report from the Southwest University of Finance and Economics, the post-90s generation accounted for more than 50% of the newly added Christians in 2020. Christians born in the 1990s resisted the blind date arranged by their parents, while taking the initiative to go on a blind date in the discussion area.

After all, who would refuse to make money while encountering love?

A fund that has not been praised is not a good fund

Zhang Kun may not have imagined that one day he will become an “eternal god” from a fund manager.

In addition to socialization, the post-90s offensive fund has brought about another phenomenon called fan circleization. Pursue fund managers and buy Internet celebrity funds. Shouting slogans, singing all the way.

The most intuitive benefit of fanning is that you can know which fund to buy without doing too much homework. This is a simple and effective thing for fund Xiaobai, just follow the world’s best Kun Kun Buy E Fund Blue Chip Selection.

On January 25, the mixed net worth of E Fund Blue Chip Selected by Zhang Kun soared by 5.05%, and the “blue chip” was on the hot search in one fell swoop. And it is Zhang Kun, the fund manager who will bring the blue chips into the limelight. As a “top stream” in the fund industry, someone established a fan club for him and applied for a Weibo super chat “Yi Fangda Zhang Kun”, with over 30 million views and over 10,000 fans.

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One month later, on February 26, the net value of E Fund’s blue chip selection dropped 10%. Fans of Zhang Kun called Zhang Kun as the eternal god a month ago, and asked Zhang Kun whether he would trade in stocks a month later.

This scene is like a blitz in the entertainment industry.

In addition to Zhang Kun, Liu Yanchun and Ge Lan are also highly sought after fund managers. But recently, Liu Yanchun’s Invesco Great Wall Emerging Growth fell 16.14%; CEIBS Medical Health A managed by the goddess of medicine Gülen fell 16.02%, and CEIBS Medical also fell into the hot search list in one fell swoop.

Han Tian, ​​like Lieyun.com, said that there are two phenomena in the fund circle, one is to follow the fund manager, and the other is to look for online celebrity funds or sectors. Han Tian belongs to the latter. In Han Tian’s view, fund managers will always miss one day, but they have no ability to resist risks and their fault tolerance rate is too low. But buying liquor and the new energy sector can never go wrong.

After purchasing the fund, Han Tian’s daily life is to discuss the fund and exchange experience with strangers on Weibo, and learn from the profitable Christians. “It’s exactly the same as when I made a list for my idol and asked for photos from Zhanjie.” Han Tian in the discussion area felt very comfortable, feeling that she had not been abandoned by the times and was still catching the wave.

“Usually, I will spit out in the circle of friends.” But spit out. Whenever Han Tianfa’s circle of friends about the fund, it will usher in the attention of his peers, even people who don’t usually have a social relationship. The comment section talks eloquently. This is the charm of funds under the fund trend.

Han Tian, ​​who was at ease a few years ago, has a head start after the new year.

According to WIND data, in the 7 transactions after the Spring Festival, 83 hybrid funds with a scale of more than 10 billion were basically negative, and 39 fell more than 10%. On February 24, liquor-related ETFs also saw significant declines. On the same day, liquor ETFs fell by 5.45%, and food and beverages fell by 4.5%. In the past five trading days, the wine ETF fell by 16.22%, the highest drop among all ETFs, and the food and beverage fell by 13.43%.

Funds have never been a short-term business. Seeing growth to catch up in the short term, the result is destined to be counterproductive. Investment is not a blind thing. Following a popular fund manager without analyzing the investment style and logic of the fund manager is also destined to not get long-term returns.

The Han Tian of Shigekura Baijiu was sold a few days ago. After selling, she opened Weibo, entered the keyword fund, and started a new round of discussions.

KOL promotes the fund in class, and the popular science fund becomes a business

The volume of Douyin financial management topics exceeded 3.6 billion, which was mixed with advertisements such as 0 yuan Xiaobai financial management training camp.

In the past, KOLs who promoted consumer products talked about their financial management experience in the video. The words income after bedtime and freedom of wealth appeared in the video.

They talked about how their income has increased, and after telling their own experiences, at the end of the video, more than ten yuan appeared in the financial management class to learn financial management knowledge. According to a reporter from Lieyun.com, after reading the video, they found that the propaganda was extremely similar. In the videos of these bloggers, there has never been a related financial management video before.

After funds became a trend, online financial education has also become a good business.

According to data, online financial education institutions will see a significant increase in paying users in 2020, and their revenue will increase significantly. Some companies have added paying students in one month to the level of 2019, a year-on-year increase of 600%. There was news that last year, a financial education institution had a turnover of over 1.2 billion in half a year. The institution advertised with words such as 0 yuan and 9.9 yuan. After paying for classes, the group will learn for twelve days in the form of pictures and voices.

The 12-day course is very systematic, and the knowledge for the young people is relatively basic. If you want to continue learning, you need to pay for online courses of several thousand yuan.

At the same time, data from station B shows that the volume of investment and wealth management videos in 2020 will increase by 464% year-on-year. It has also spawned a group of financial bloggers, some of which have high gold content in videos, and some of the bloggers’ information and omission of proper nouns.

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After browsing by a reporter from Lieyun.com, I found that the title shows that there are a lot of videos with a half-year deposit of 100,000 and a three-year deposit of over one million. At the same time, buying funds at station B and Xiaohongshu is like learning makeup, just follow the blogger step by step. The popular science videos of these bloggers are similar, and the recommended ones are still those popular funds.

Han Tian said that during the days when the liquor plummeted, she had looked for a wealth management blogger at station B, hoping that the blogger could explain the knowledge and analyze the trend of liquor. But after browsing a circle, there is no answer. “The same things are said over and over again. These words can be seen on Weibo, and can be seen on Station B, Xiaohongshu, and Douyin.”

Vertical bloggers are the fastest monetizing bloggers. Under the wave of funds, a group of wealth management bloggers came into being. They can monetize through the combination of science and technology courses, and they can go backwards. There is a friend who opened an account by scanning the QR code from the official account of the B station UP, and the securities fee rate for cooperation is 1.3 per 10,000.

Compared with the older generation of Christians, analyze the company’s direction, market trends, and act cautiously. The post-90s Christians closely connected the fund to the Internet, and discussed with strangers on social platforms. However, what the fund needs is never heat, but cold thinking.

When funds became a trend and a large number of new foundations poured in, seeing the market plummeting all the way, did we truly understand what investment needs to be cautious.