Young people “educated” by the fund

The market is hot, young people run into the market, but there is no shortcut to getting rich. The market plunged to give this young people a deep investor education.

Young people "educated" by the fund

The withdrawal of funds has become a phenomenon-level event in the financial market.

In addition to the hot market, young people running into the stadium are important catalysts. Data show that among the newly added “basic people” in 2020, the post-90s accounted for more than half.

The young man who plunged into the fund market originally thought, “You buy the bottom of the military industry, he studs baijiu, I have a lot of new energy, and we all have a bright future.”

Only after being “green to panic” did he come back to his senses. Behind the gains, there are equivalent risks. There is no shortcut to getting rich, and the market has given this young man a profound investor education with the plunge.

“I’m Chasing Ups and Downs Once Again” Ji Jing丨29 years old丨Public unit

History is always surprisingly similar.

In 2017, I graduated from university for two years and worked as a teller in a bank. At that time, the fund market was good, and I happened to have some spare money in my hands, so I bought some funds on the theme of medicine and environmental protection. Among them, China-Europe Medicine and Health, which is now well-known, is included.

Although I was working in a bank at the time, I actually didn’t know much about funds, and I was completely experimenting. At the beginning, I didn’t hold a lot of positions. When I increased by about 20% later, I started to increase my position substantially. As a result, it didn’t take long for me to lose all my previous gains.

When the principal loss was close to 10%, my mentality collapsed and I redeemed all the funds. At that time, I also seriously reflected on it and regretted my behavior of chasing ups and downs.

In the following two years, I never touched the fund again. Until the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the market of the pharmaceutical sector was very good, and I bought another 20,000 yuan for CEIBS Healthcare. By the Spring Festival of 2021, the income has been close to 7,000 yuan.

When I saw that the fund market was so good, I couldn’t hold back my restless heart. Thinking that the year-end bonus will be issued after the new year, in the half month before the Spring Festival, I bought all the free money in my hand, and the position was close to 100,000 yuan at one time.

At that time, liquor was very popular, and Moutai’s stock price was close to 2,300 yuan. In fact, when the stock price is more than 900 yuan, I have considered whether to buy one lot, but I also feel that who would be so stupid to take the 100,000 yuan Maotai.

Until the stock price broke through 2,000 yuan, I felt that I was that fool. It was too late to regret, and Moutai stocks could not be bought, but when I thought of a fund that could buy Shigekura liquor, I was motivated again.

So, I bought a few Shigekura liquor funds at once, including Zhang Kun’s Yi Fangda Blue Chip and Liu Yanchun’s Invesco Great Wall Emerging Growth.

The lessons learned three years ago were forgotten, and I once again chased the rise and the fall. The joy of making money is short-lived, after the year the fund began to fall.

Due to the high position, the income previously earned by CEIBS Medical and Health quickly fell. When I lost 1,000 yuan, I cleared my position.

Looking back on the whole process, it was exactly the same as in 2017: When the fund was rising in the ups and downs, I would never think of increasing positions. On the contrary, when the net worth soared, I became extremely aggressive. Self-confidence in himself, in funds, and fascination with the market, began to blindly increase positions, and eventually became leeks.

“The first base purchase ended in failure” Da Dan丨25 years old丨Tech industry

Since my sophomore year, I have been trading stocks. After 5 years of experience, I thought I was at a good level, and through short-term speculation, I bought a 30-square-meter single apartment in Changsha.

At the end of last year, the liquor market was extremely hot. I cashed out 80,000 yuan from my credit card, plus my own 20,000 yuan in cash, and successively bought shares of Golden Seed Wine. In more than half a month, I won 12 daily limits and earned 120,000.

During that time, some people were always recommending China Merchants Zhongzheng Liquor. So I bought 3,000 yuan from Alipay and sold it after earning 30% a year ago.

This is my first time buying a fund. In fact, I don’t know anything about the fund. The news is saying that the fund’s returns have been very good in the past two years, and the argument that “investing in stocks is not as good as buying the base” is also widely circulated. Many people around me who do not manage money have also begun to discuss funds.

I am a person with high earnings expectations, and I never look at financial products with an annualized rate of less than 20%. The temptation for me in the stock market is that I have the opportunity to make a lot of money in a short period of time. Although I have eaten many price limits, I tossed it down all year and earned a net profit of 70,000 or 80,000 yuan.

This kind of operation is too aggressive, and I am worried that sooner or later, I will fall in love. I heard that many fund incomes doubled last year, and there is no need to keep an eye on the market like stocks. I just thought, I can slowly move the money from the stock market to the fund.

Just choosing the fund has stumped me. Thousands of products are unavailable, so I adopt a “three-step” strategy: one is to choose from the top-ranked funds in the past year, the second is to buy thematic funds that are optimistic about the sector, and the third is to buy recommended by friends around you. fund.

The non-ferrous sector performed well a year ago. In mid-December, I bought Zhengzhou Coal and Electricity and earned 7 daily limit, and the income was about 20,000 yuan.

In the first week of the year, while holding the two non-ferrous metals stocks of GEM and Shenghe Resources, I also bought 20,000 yuan in Cathay Pacific Non-ferrous Metals. Unexpectedly, this fund lost more than 2,000 a week, and I cut the meat decisively.

I didn’t pay attention to fund managers at the beginning, until Zhang Kunhuo got out of the circle, all major social platforms could see his information. On the recommendation of a colleague, I bought a 10,000 yuan E Fund blue chip on February 4. Later I learned that the colleague who called me “get in the car” only bought a few hundred yuan.

The fund’s gains were gratifying years ago, and I have successively bought several funds. After the Spring Festival, the market took a sharp turn. At first, I made up the warehouse a few times, but I couldn’t hold it later, so I cleared it all out.

A total of 40,000 bought and a loss of 4,700 yuan-the actual battle of the fund ended in failure.

“We inevitably buy at a high point, but investment should not be anxious” Zhou Yue丨29 years old丨Internet product operation

At present, I mainly buy index funds, brokerage firms, and some ETFs. My fund investment is in a state of falling income, and the principal is temporarily retained.

I have been in contact with financial investment since 2016. That was the first year of my work, and there was not much salary yet, so I had to use Yu’e Bao to force savings. Later, due to work reasons, I needed to understand investment and financial management knowledge. I read a lot of articles on investment and financial management public accounts. At that time, Internet companies produced many financial products. Through these investments, I was basically able to guarantee an annualization of 5%-6%. income.

Because the previous forced savings gave me a certain fund base, I began to have the ability to contact some funds with medium and high risks. The large-scale investment fund was in March 2020. At that time, I started to buy industry index funds and ETFs, mainly brokers. Later, I successively invested in some wide-based products, such as CSI 300 and China Securities 500. Last year, I bought semiconductor-related funds at a low point last year, and it probably reached an annualized return of 15%.

Regarding fund investment, I intend to hold it for at least 2 years. This year’s goal is to achieve an annualized rate of return of 20%.

In fact, when ordinary investors are just getting in touch with financial investment, they will inevitably buy on the hillside or high point, but investment is not something to be anxious, do not invest enthusiastically because of individual events.

I feel that the titles of many self-media articles are too scary. These articles actually do not reflect the real market conditions. It seems that the real investors and the people who write these articles are not the same group of people. For example, many media and platforms used to follow Zhang Kun, but now they start to belittle him, which will be very emotional for investors. Investors are advised to study the macroeconomic situation, economic policies, etc., and then make purchases based on the actual situation of the product.

“Buy at a high point, drop in return and drop in principal” Yu Shan, 28, media practitioner

Up to now, my annualized return is -5.3%, and the 5 fund products I bought are all in decline. The holding rate of return of the one with the largest decline has been -7%. This result makes me a real volatility. Real “leeks”.

Because of my work, I have been exposed to various financial information, but I have never really bought stocks or funds. It was not until the beginning of 2020 that I actually started to buy fund products. At that time, due to the impact of the epidemic, medical supplies and equipment were in short supply. I felt that investing in medical-related foundations was a good opportunity. So I simply selected and bought a medical foundation, and this fund really made me very rewarding.

It is this fund that gave me the confidence to invest, and at the end of 2020 I started to raise. Judging from the situation at the time, as the epidemic is gradually brought under control, the fundamentals of China’s economy are generally optimistic. This makes me feel that the next period of time is a relatively safe investment time. So I bought new energy, Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 ETF and other fund products, as well as E Fund’s blue chip, which was very popular at the time. These funds were all up well at the end of last year and early this year. Until about February 17, almost all funds began to fall continuously, and their profits fell after they fell.

In the winter of 2020, two friends who have never invested in financial management began to talk to me about how to trade in stocks and funds. At that time, my feeling was that the funds were overheated. However, looking at the rising situation, I still did not hold back, and after the huge rise, I took a fluke and did not retreat in time.

This crash made me realize that my fund investment is unruly. Not only do I have no deep understanding of the market, industry, and products, but I also like to listen to gossip and “wild experts”. After experiencing this incident, I want to learn financial management and investment knowledge more systematically in the future, instead of taking actions based on feelings.

However, until now, I still have not redeemed it. On the one hand, I am holding the psychological investment fund of “pay the tuition if I lose money”, so I don’t invest a lot of money; on the other hand, I still want to wait for the increase in the future before re-allocation.

“I have a gambler mentality to buy a fund this time” Hulk丨32 years old丨Product operation

In January of this year, I bought the China Merchants China Securities Liquor Index Fund for 5,000 yuan through Alipay. At that time, the liquor was at a high level. I wanted to try the water first. In the following week, it continued to rise almost continuously, and after more than half a month, the income exceeded 1,000 yuan. I felt that I bought it right at the time. Although it occasionally fell, it was still within my tolerance! After tasting the sweetness, I bought another 2,000 yuan.

But soon, the liquor stocks began to oscillate. At the beginning, when losing two or three days in a row, I told myself to stabilize, but later found that the losses were still going on, and the friends around me were basically losing money. Everyone comforted each other and said no Check the income again, forget about these funds.

At this time, my friends who had always insisted on buying bank financial management jumped out and joked that you are all “gambling dogs” and should be more stable. But when I think back to my mood when I bought the fund, I actually didn’t want to be prudent. Although the bank’s financial management is stable, the fluctuations are also small, and it always feels less exciting. Although it loses less, it makes less!

To say that I regret it most, it may be that I did not redeem it in time when the income was 1,000 yuan. At present, the fund has lost more than 500.

I got on the bus when the fund was at a high point, because too many people around me were discussing the fund, and many of them had a good return. Every time I had a party, everyone talked about the fund, and I was naturally infected and attracted.

The purchase of funds this time was driven by friends around me to a certain extent, and there were factors to follow suit, but this experience also made me realize the importance of financial management (especially scientific financial management). In the future, I will continue to invest in medium and high-risk funds, but I will try to diversify the investment within my own tolerance range, stop all-for-all, and redeem it in time when the return reaches my expectations.