Such a northwest man deserves the honor of the comrades

On the left is our hero’s colonel Qi Fabao, who should have been the commander of the frontier battalion when this picture was taken.

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On the right, we see the famous Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, typical of the Great Qin warriors in the underground army formation more than 2,000 years ago.

The same Angle, the same outline, the same posture, different military uniforms, but can not hide the spirit, through thousands of years.

A lot of friends after watching said: like, too like!Qi fabao is the head of gansu wuwei people, as expected are the northwest tough man!

He was supposed to be our top commander on the scene.

When he sees a friend, he says:

One of the sources of combat strength of our army is that the commander always shouts “follow me” instead of “charge me” in battle.The only people in the world who can do this universally is our people’s army.

Behind Qi Fabao, the head of the regiment, there were two characters of “China” on the mountain wall.

What is a hero?

That is to face the chest to the siege, the back left to the motherland, a soldier is a monument.

Such a northwest man deserves the honor of the comrades who fought and died side by side with him and the honor of “the hero commander of the defense of the country and the frontier”.

In the struggle in the Galawan Valley, four of our officers and men died, and Colonel Qi Fabao was seriously wounded.The PLA Daily also recorded this detail:

Han Ziwei, a military doctor, remembered that after Qi was rescued, his left frontal bone was broken and there was a gouge ten centimeters long.As he dressed the wound, “he pulled the bandages off his head, thought to rush forward as his last strength, and then fainted”.

Yesterday (February 21), I am glad to see some media reports that experts from the Affiliated Hospital of PLA Military Medical University have carefully treated Qi and he has recovered before the Spring Festival.

Just yesterday morning, local leaders from Wuwei made a special trip to Xinjiang to visit Qi and his family.

Photos show that Qi Fabao, who still has short military hair, has a lot of white skin and a good mental state.