Our diplomatic environment would be hostile

They are still great powers, but even the ambassadors of these great powers have not escaped the bad luck.

Not to mention ordinary citizens.

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So, last year, there was a piece of news about Africa, which touched me very much.After the war broke out in Tigre State of Ethiopia, the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia made an immediate decision and organized the evacuation of our compatriots.More than 1,100 kilometers, the war environment, the road of evacuation can be imagined difficult, but fortunately, the final safe evacuation.

Ethiopia is a very friendly country, I was there the year before last, and now the war is back and people are suffering. It is a great sigh.

Today I pay attention to Africa because Africa has a very close relationship with China.We have many friendly countries there, a large number of economic projects, and a large number of overseas Chinese and expatriate staff, including many of my colleagues.

As the ancients said, a chaotic country cannot enter.But the reality is, we can’t.

Frankly speaking, without the dedication of these expatriates and the efforts of Chinese diplomats, China’s status as a major country today would not be possible, and our diplomatic environment would be even more hostile.

But they’re giving.The hard work of expatriates is not only to sacrifice themselves, sometimes to sacrifice their youth and children, but also to sacrifice their health and even their lives, especially in those turbulent African countries.

The fact that a UN convoy can be hijacked and an Italian ambassador can be shot highlights the perniciously dangerous conditions in some places.

Many people sigh, out of the country is often more patriotic.The truth is simple, look at Africa look at the Middle East, even compared with Europe and the United States, of course, China still has a lot of shortcomings, still need to continue to work hard, but sometimes people can not help feeling that it is better to live in China.

What we take for granted is what many countries look forward to most.