This time the Italian ambassador was shot dead

I once heard such a story, a colleague in Africa, one day at home to write a story, suddenly someone patted him on the shoulder, he thought other colleagues joking, said: stop stop that now now BBB1, is in a hurry to write.Patted more heavy, look back, the gangster took a gun to him.

Decades later, the tragedy is still happening.In the news, just two months before Zhong Zhiwei and his wife were killed, seven Chinese citizens were killed in South Africa.

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The outlook for Africa is very worrying.

A survey shows that Africa is taking the place of the Middle East as the world’s front line against terrorism.

Africa has a lot of young people, but they suffer from poverty, marginalization, unemployment, and poor governance in some countries, and they are a natural breeding ground for terrorism.

Ambassadors have been killed, most impressively, in at least three cases in the past few years.

The first was Benghazi, where the U.S. ambassador to Libya was killed in 2012 while trapped inside the consulate in Benghazi.It has also become a blot on Mrs Clinton.

The second was the shooting of the Russian ambassador.In 2016, the Russian ambassador to Turkey was shot in the head by a Turkish youth on Light Day.Putin personally attended his funeral, tears in the corners of his eyes.

The third, this time the Italian ambassador was shot dead.

They are still great powers, but even the ambassadors of these great powers have not escaped the bad luck.

Not to mention ordinary citizens.

So, last year, there was a piece of news about Africa, which touched me very much.After the war broke out in Tigre State of Ethiopia, the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia made an immediate decision and organized the evacuation of our compatriots.More than 1,100 kilometers, the war environment, the road of evacuation can be imagined difficult, but fortunately, the final safe evacuation.

Ethiopia is a very friendly country, I was there the year before last, and now the war is back and people are suffering. It is a great sigh.