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Yesterday, A shares rose, and US stocks also began to exert strength. A shares ended due to the Baoshang Bank’s affairs. This may be a short-term positive stimulus for financial stocks. It may only be a matter of time before it finally breaks through the left shoulder. Many people say that their stocks have not yet started. Under normal circumstances, large-cap stocks take the stage first, and individual stocks then perform.

Yanghe Liquor Industry reduced its shareholding last night, what’s the matter? Looking at Midea, it’s probably clear at a glance. If the leading stocks are reduced by 1%, it should be fine…

The procyclical sector once again strengthened, and the dye sector made a substantial increase at the opening of the market. Zhejiang Longsheng’s 50 billion intraday daily limit was set, and non-ferrous, chemical, coal, paper, cement and other stocks were all rotating. In this direction, there was a daily limit wave during the session, and some funds began to redeem profits. Jinpu Titanium failed to turn over, Zhejiang Longsheng, Xin’an Co., Ltd., Mingtai Aluminum, Zhongjin Lingnan, Yuguang Gold and Lead, China Aluminum, Tianqi Lithium industry and others have exploded. In the short-term, the differences continue to increase.

Because there is a large amount of money in it, there is still a chance for one or two days to repeat.

The new energy automobile industry chain continues to be active. At present, with the core of the supplementary gains of vehicle stocks, Xiaokang shares have shrunk on the board, BAIC Blue Valley and JAC have their daily limit, and Changan Automobile, Guanghui Group, BYD and Jiangling Motors rose nearly 5%. Lithium batteries have also performed well. Currently, the organization is more optimistic about the upstream raw materials. According to the current situation of new energy vehicles, the prosperity of this direction will increase next year. You can focus on whether the subdivisions such as lithium hexafluorophosphate without expansion will usher in price increases. expected.

Important information

Wang Zi New Material: Acquiring 51% of CLP Huarui’s equity for 150 million yuan to enter the field of military technology

Milkewei: intends to acquire 100% equity of Xinneng Zhangjiagang to deploy hazardous waste treatment industry

Xiaokang shares: there is no significant information that should be disclosed but not disclosed

Jinfeng Liquor Industry: No major events that should be disclosed but not disclosed

Wonderful daily limit revealed

Penghui Energy Lithium Iron Phosphate
Driving factor: Lithium iron phosphate battery installed capacity doubled for three consecutive months
A leading domestic enterprise that produces lithium iron battery products on a large scale; the company’s main products include lithium cobalt oxide series products, lithium iron phosphate series products, ternary materials and multiple composite lithium materials series products, lithium iron batteries, lithium manganese batteries, etc.

Red Polaroid Propylene Oxide
Driving factor: Propylene oxide plant is currently at full capacity
The company is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of propylene oxide derivatives, including polyurethane rigid foam combination polyether, special polyether, isopropanolamine series products, and emerging materials polyurethane insulation board

Jinniu Chemical Methanol
Driving factors: East China methanol prices rose sharply by 200 yuan/ton to 1,900 yuan/ton
The holding company Jinniu Xuyang has a methanol production capacity of 200,000 tons per year, accounting for about 0.23% of the national production capacity

South Bearing Integrated Circuit
Driving factor: planned to increase capital and hold Shanghai Zhencheng to get involved in the integrated circuit industry
Shanghai Zhencheng is a professional fabless integrated circuit design company, focusing on smart IoT and smart audio wireless connection technology

JAC New Energy Vehicle
Driving factors: Hefei plans to exceed 100 billion yuan in the scale of the new energy automobile industry by 2025
The company has a joint venture with Weilai Automobile and Volkswagen to produce electric passenger cars, and the company is developing new models equipped with Huawei’s Hicar vehicle system.

COSCO Shipping Port Shipping
Driving factor: The epidemic has caused container prices to rise, and the supply is concentrated in the country
The company is a central enterprise, and the actual controller is China COSCO Shipping Group; the main special ship transportation business; the transportation scope radiates the world, and the routes include the Far East to the Mediterranean, Europe, the Persian Gulf, the Americas, etc.

Fengyuan shares lithium iron phosphate
Driving factor: Lithium iron phosphate battery installed capacity doubled for three consecutive months
The company has covered two mainstream products, lithium iron phosphate LFP and ternary material NCM, which can be widely used in power batteries, energy storage, consumer lithium batteries and other emerging fields

Zhongjia Bochuang Rich Media
Driving factors: the three major operators may announce the commercial use of 5G news at the end of the year
Its subsidiary, Chuangshi Mandao, is mainly engaged in intelligent transmission of information and is a leading enterprise SMS platform service provider

Yongtai Technology Fluorochemical
Driving factors: the turning point of recovery after the global economic epidemic may be approaching procyclical market continued
The company is the leading enterprise of fluorobenzene series fine chemicals with the most complete product chain and the largest production capacity in the industry

Juli rigging
The military industry’s “replenishment” + “quality improvement” dual-drive year-end orders will be released intensively
The company is one of the largest rigging manufacturers in China, and also the manufacturer with the most complete rigging product categories and specifications in the world

Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Viscose Staple Fiber + Polyester
Driving factor: Viscose staple fiber 10833.33 yuan/ton rose 20.10% in 60 days on November 15
my country’s large-scale first-class enterprises producing chemical fiber textile raw materials, the production scale and economic benefits are among the best in China’s viscose fiber industry

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