The turmoil in Africa is also an indisputable fact

Even though their trip is a humanitarian mission.But the kidnappers didn’t care.

Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo) is a big country in Africa, but according to the materials, the country has various internal conflicts, attacks in the region, there are at least 100 armed groups, killing each other.

In 2018, also nearby, two Britons were kidnapped.

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Last year, more than 2,000 civilians were killed and more than 5.2 million made refugees in what the United Nations has called one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises in eastern Congo, which includes this area.

It’s such a big crisis, I believe, that a lot of people don’t know.

We don’t know, and neither do Westerners.

But that’s just a snapshot of what’s happening in Africa today.

Of course, Africa also has stable countries, rich resources, young populations, and huge potential for development. It was once considered the “last high frontier” of the world economy.

But the turmoil in Africa is also an indisputable fact.

The turmoil in Somalia, the war in Libya, the confrontation in Western Sahara…Also, poor security in South Africa.

Ethiopia, once relatively peaceful, has seen its share of violent fighting over the past year, which is said to have left hundreds of thousands dead, and in a “small” story late last year, gunmen attacked a village and killed more than 100 people.

These, you know?

We don’t care. Africa is too far away.

But we must also know that there are a lot of Chinese people in Africa, and many of them have stayed in Africa forever.

Last August, in Johannesburg, a famous local leader Zhong Zhiwei and his wife were killed in an armed robbery by three robbers on their way home.

In 1998, one of his and his wife’s shops was robbed. Their two-year-old son was killed and Zhong was shot in the leg.The then South African President Nelson Mandela also personally received Zhong Zhiwei and his wife, Lian said “sorry”.