But now he has left his life in Africa forever

The world is not just the US, Europe, China, Russia…There are many places where we are relatively strange, of course, strange for strange reasons.

Each time break strange, more is a tragedy.

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For many in the West, the country is once again familiar because yet another ambassador has been shot dead.

On February 22nd a UN convoy was attacked in the DRC and Italy’s ambassador to the country, Roberto Attanasio, was shot dead on the spot.

He was killed along with an Italian gendarme who was guarding him and a driver for the World Food Program.

Please note that this is still a United Nations convoy.

Moreover, the convoy was carrying out a humanitarian aid mission to a school in a border area.

But while passing through Virunga National Park, the convoy was ambushed and the kidnappers forced it into the forest in an attempt to kidnap them.

The park guards and a nearby unit of the Congolese (DRC) army responded, exchanging heavy fire.It was during this process that the Italian Ambassador was killed by the kidnappers.

The 43-year-old ambassador, who has served in Switzerland, Morocco and other countries before becoming ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2019, also has three young daughters.

Look at their family photo, very happy.

But now he has left his life in Africa forever.

Italy was in shock.

Italy’s foreign minister, Giulio Dima, abruptly interrupted an EU meeting and rushed back to Rome from Brussels.

In a statement, Dima said: “We do not know at this time the circumstances of this brutal attack, but we will leave no stone unturned to find out what happened.”

Italy is a little confused. Why Italy?

I don’t know the exact truth.