Much better than sending mobile phones

According to a media report on Feb. 8, Tencent announced the Sunshine Award today, and each Tencent employee will receive 100 shares of Tencent stock, which will be lifted for one year.If calculated at current prices, 100 shares of Tencent’s market value is about 74,000 Hong Kong dollars, or about 61,000 yuan.The award is also available to employees who have been on the job for less than a year.

According to the new meridian weft, a number of Tencent company staff to confirm the news.”It was a surprise this morning,” she said. “Before that, no one knew anything about it.A Tencent employee said, “The last time we issued a folding-screen phone with 20,000 pieces, we felt very rich, but this time we directly issued tens of thousands of shares.I just want to say that at this moment I feel like I have to work for Tencent!”

Year-end bonus, salary, stock

Another Tencent employee said he had been notified, but it was unclear if everyone had been notified.”Tencent awards are very common, Xiao Ma (Ma Huateng) is so good to staff!””The employee said.

A number of Tencent employees have posted “boasting” on various social forums: “Little Brother, YYDS (eternal God)”, “willing to work hard for Little Brother” and “much better than sending mobile phones”.

However, Tencent responded to media reports that “everyone will receive 100 shares of Tencent’s annual bonus” by saying that not everyone will receive the bonus.”In this year’s year-end bonus, the company awarded a concentric peer award (a one-time incentive of 100 shares) to employees who made special contributions.”Tencent said.

However, there are also media reports that Tencent’s bonus incentive is not available to all employees, but in fact the vast majority of employees have.

According to brokerage China, the “sunshine” award of 100 Tencent shares is not Tencent’s year-end bonus.In the past, the year-end bonus of Tencent employees was usually based on their monthly salary and multiplied by a fixed multiple, according to employees of Tencent.

Previously, the rumor that the King of Glory team will get 100 months ‘salary for their year-end bonus has been widely reported on the Internet, although Tencent officially denied this rumor.However, Tencent’s annual bonus has always been very generous, and its employees’ monthly salary has always been the envy of migrant workers.

Tencent had a total of 77,592 employees at the end of September 2020, compared with nearly 7,000 new hires at the end of the second quarter of 2020, according to the company’s third-quarter 2020 financial report.