Why is it so difficult for young people in this class to find someone?

Although many people were unable to return home during the Spring Festival this time, it did not prevent the annual wedding urging conference from ringing on time in the WeChat group with the New Year’s bell. Putting aside the miserable imagination of our parents that we will be unattended and lonely for the rest of our lives, let’s first ask a question: Now, will you still devote yourself to a relationship or a marriage? Are the young people married or not in love this year? The emotional life of an adult is no longer just the first experience of love. Talking about money hurts feelings, and talking about feelings hurts money. To put it bluntly, in modern society, it is difficult for young people to get married at once. According to data from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, 9.273 million couples had a marriage certificate in 2019, a decrease of 8.5% from 2018. At the same time, 4.7 million couples decided to get out of the siege of marriage and apply for a divorce certificate. This number has increased by 5.4% over 2018.

Marriage rate and divorce rate in 2019 (Source: Civil Affairs Bureau)

Behind the rise and fall is that everyone’s attitude towards marriage is becoming more and more cautious, marriage requires careful consideration, and the proportion of late marriages is increasing. In 2019, the proportion of married people over the age of 30 was as high as 45.67%, which is 4% more than in 2018. Our parents always like to say: When you were your age, my children ran all over the street. But our situation is really different. The current gross enrollment rate of higher education in my country is 51.6%. In other words, about half of the young people are already 22 years old after graduation. Moreover, under the pressure of buying a house and raising a baby, marriage has become an increasing need for economic foundation. It is usually after the age of 30 for professionals to reach a higher level of income. Remembering the above data can be used to reply to the seven aunts and eight aunts who have urged marriage. Whether in love or marriage, it is an intimate relationship. However, we are used to putting the focus of intimacy on “intimacy” and often neglecting “relationship.” An intimate relationship is essentially a small practice of public life, and it has everything in public life, including the comparison and conversion of rights, status, and division of labor. To put it bluntly, falling in love is troublesome, and getting married is even more troublesome. If you don’t fall in love, what’s the matter, isn’t it good for someone to order takeaways to play games Spark Global Limited?