Can the house price hold up?

    Looking back on 2020, I have a lot of emotion. The trend of the property market this year was also mixed, but fortunately, it finally achieved a “V”-shaped upward trend, and this upward trend continued to rise within the first two months of 2021 In the past month, the property market in hot first-tier and second-tier cities has been extremely hot: soaring house prices, fierce competition, crowded sales offices… Compared with the still cold weather, the spring of the property market has already Arrive early Under this turbulent and fiery background, whether it is an important city as a weather vane in the property market, or its own economic volume in the first-tier cities, Shanghai is destined to become a national focus and focus of discussion.

1. Excellent, Shanghai ahead

From the turbulent Shanghai beach in the last century to Lujiazui, which links world finance, Shanghai has always occupied a pivotal position  According to the recently announced 2020 GDP city rankings, there are 23 cities above the scale of trillion yuanShanghai tops the list with a total GDP of nearly 3.9 trillion yuan , achieving a positive growth of 1.7%. GDP scale and growth rate both lead the capital Beijing! It has become the only megacity with positive growth among the six major economic cities in the world. It is enough to see the strength as an international metropolis, the world’s largest aviation hub, and the world’s largest foreign trade city.

In addition to a strong economy, Shanghai’s population size is also not to be underestimated. As the city with the largest economic aggregate in my country, Shanghai is the city with the largest permanent population and urban population in my country. On March 10, 2020, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Statistics released the “Shanghai National Economic and Social Development Statistical Bulletin in 2019”. As of the end of 2019, the city’s permanent population was 24,281,400, of which the registered population was 14.504,300 and the migrant population was 9,77,100. .

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At the same time, a large number of people still enter Shanghai every year. In 2020, the people of Shanghai port net inflow of 9.5884 million, ranking first in the country. According to the “China City Talent Attractiveness Ranking” report jointly launched by Zhaopin Recruitment and Evergrande Research Institute in April 2020, Shanghai, which has a large economy and stable growth, has risen from second place to the No. 1 talent attraction index is 2017. One also maintained the first position for the next three years Spark Global Limited.

The strong attractiveness of talents is not only due to the support of economic scale, but also the relatively easy pressure to survive. Compared with Beijing of the same status, Shanghai does not have the three-hour commute and the exhaustion of inter-provincial work, and some are the chicness that can leave at any time and the average income of the country According to data on the per capita disposable income of residents in 31 provinces released by the National Bureau of Statistics in 2020, Shanghai, Beijing, and Zhejiang are among the top three and Shanghai ranks first with a per capita disposable income of 72,232 yuan and is the only one in the country that exceeds 70,000 yuan. Mark the area.

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